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nana2010_gwAugust 22, 2012

It seems that every place I go Roosters are being featured.

I even found a set of Rooster plates at my favorite TS.

What else could I do? They had to come home with me and be featured on a table. From 2012-08-22 (by Eye-Fi)

The paisley cloth that I used is well over 100 years old. I've wanted to use it on a table and the colors seemed right for this one. From 2012-08-22 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-08-22 (by Eye-Fi)

I couldn't resist this HOMCO figurine. Isn't she adorable? From 2012-08-22 (by Eye-Fi)

I don't collect chickens but I seem to have a lot of them.

The white ones have been in my family for at least 60 years.

DD1 gave the big colorful rooster for my Dining Room.

I love that he matches the ones on the plates! From 2012-08-22 (by Eye-Fi)

Roosters get all the attention, but Hens do all the work.LOL!!



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Oh gosh, nana! We are all in the 'Rooster' mode, I guess! I am lovin' your t'scape! Wow ...those plates are a very cool find...but your stacked 'place-settings' are awesome! I love how you combined the round & the square placemats ... the texture & colors combined are perfect!

Your heirloom t'cloth is perfect! Who would have thought a palsey heirloom would fit so well w/roosters! & that Homco figurine is a simple centerpc ... another perfect choice! She is beautiful! The lil' S&P shakers finish off the center of your table!

And your side cabinet ... more heirloom pcs & a cocky rooster from your DD! Love the eggs/stand ... yes, nana, you really have something to 'crow about!' Love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

I LOVE those plates! And, well, roosters just rule! Your tablecloth is the paisley print.

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Oh Nana, your new plates are super cute. I sure could of used some of them for mine.LOL Love them and your table is fantastic. The Homco woman w/the chicken you used reminds me of my DM's w/ a rabbit.

All the layering, tc, place mats, napkins w/sunflowers, glasses, flatware,etc on this table is wonderful. Thanks again for sharing another beautiful ts. Oh and love all 3 of them on the buffet!


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Nana, what a piece of eye candy!! I love this table and those plates!
I actually saw the same pattern plates today at a TS, but they wanted way too much $ for them. I have found that particular TS to price their items very high compared to some of the other TS's I frequent.
I really love those plates and if they had been a better price I would have bought them, but I guess I will just have to enjoy yours instead!! I seem to have a thing for Roosters!

Your layering is wonderful and the sunflower napkin rings echo the plate rims perfectly. The candleholders also appear rather egg like!

Your dry sink is another great complement to the table.

Kudos, you really do have a table to crow about!!


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Nana, no one can go wrong with Rooster decor! Its just so darn appealing. (If I had a larger kitchen, my rooster collection would be as out of control as some of my others.
That is one pretty table you set! And your sideboard with the larger roosters on it. The Homeco lady is wonderful too.
They always have such sweet figurines with such good faces/expressions.

hugs, Karen

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Thank you everyone. You are all ego boosters!!
Jeanne, You are right. That is one cocky rooster LOL!!
Thank you Marlene, I hope I'll be able to use the paisley cloth again.
Punk, I think it would be fun to use each other's pieces. Consider the possibilities!
Candy, I've noticed that the local SA stores price some as their things as much buying them new, what's with that?
Karen, I love the Homco figurine. She was a bit more expensive than what I usually pay, but...
Thank you all again.

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Nana...I love your rooster plates and how you layered them. That heirloom tablecloth is beautiful and seems to be in great shape. I love the soft colors and it really sets off all your tableware nicely.
I think that HOMOCO figurine is a lovely piece too and just
perfect for this setting.
Funny seeing all the roosters lately.. I decorated my little white hutch in June with rooster plates I got at GW . Hopefully before summer is officially over, I'll post a picture.


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So pretty; Roosters and chickens will always remind me of my Grandma; she had several in her kitchen. It never goes out of style, does it?

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