Hobby Lobby Has Christmas!!

creekdwellerAugust 2, 2011

Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. They were putting out Christmas ornaments. I wonder if maybe the ones they were putting out may have been left over from last year. They were all in a box, not really packaged. Some were broken and missing parts. Seems like I recognized ones from last year. I did gets some stems to go on the top of my tree. I already have Christmas on the brain. LOL I'm glad they did have the same ones to match from last year. I needed a few more.

Has anyone else been? What does your store have? And do you have Christmas thoughts yet?

Christmas is my favorite time of year. So loosing Mama at Christmas was not a good thing. Never would be. However, I am looking forward to making up for last year and I am really ready to go. Bummer, it's still three and a half months. I may not make it..

I did stop on the way home at a little junk shop and I got a breakable pumpkin that has holes in it and a light that plugs in.. Pretty cute. So, I do have fall decorating ideas as well. And of course a glass cat, about eight inches tall.

Kind of the paper weight glass.

When I figure out how to post pics again, I will post the findings. Anyone have a new and updated way to post pics. Or suggestion?

Take Care,


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You mentioned Christmas and if you know anything about me, you'll know my ears went UP... lol
I loove fall for the colors but Christmas is my favorite. In general I plan a year in advance for the next color scheme and start working on it at the "day after sales".
Bless my good Hubs, he always goes along to tote the packages and then sighs as I unload and pack it all away. LOL He knows there's no stopping me.
We moved my storage shed a few weeks ago because it was built on a high platform and Hubs worried I was going to fall and kil myself. I took that as an opportunity to clean it out and re-store things *ahem*, meaning make room for more.hehehe
The only store I've been in so far like that is Michaels and they didn't have any out yet.
The planned colors this year is purple,chocolate and gold.

I post my pics with this .. without the *s

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I am very excited for Christmas too! I have been trying to decide how many trees i want to put up this year. Usually i put up two full sized trees and a few small ones. I haven't quite made up my mind on the color schemes yet, but i have a few ideas. I also saw that Hobby Lobby had Christmas decor! I am really excited. I browsed a bit, as much as the group i was shopping with would let me lol. As far as Christmas decor in stores goes, the only other store I have seen with Christmas decorations is a craft store called Ben Franklin. But they only had a few floral picks and ever greenery.

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The HL by my work started stocking the shelves with Christmas stuff on July 5th. As much as I love Christmas, and DH will attest that I do as he had to build shelves in the garage for all of my Christmas decor, I think that is just a tad too early. I am not one to wish away summer as it is over too soon as it is here in CO.


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Kath: I probably wouldn't will away summer so quickly if it wasn't a gazillion degrees out. I came by the bank awhile ago and the sign said 113. UGH!
We only have 2 seasons here (AR) Winter & HOT.

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Hobby Lobby always does "Christmas in July" and 40% off of it. I am asking for trouble by planning on going with my friends this week. sigh. The LAST thing I need is more Christmas stuff!

Creek, if you use Photobucket, in the box by each picture are links to use. Copy the one that the html one, starts with aref. Then paste it right here in your post. When you go to preview your message, the picture will show up, and you can click submit. If it doesn't show up, hit your back button and try again. I don't know if other photo servers have the same set up as I only use Photobucket.

You can also check our archives and search for "how to post pictures", it will bring up old posts with instructions.

You need a kitten, tell your DH I said so. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Yup, our HL has been adding Christmas decor since the first part of July ...it always seems odd at first ...but at that store, so many, many people buy things to make Christmas gifts or items for craft fairs. I'm to the stage now that I kind of like them doing it cause it means all the 'gardening' & summer stuff gets set out on clearance...some GREAT buys!

Looking ahead to Fall...someone posted this link last yr for Halloween decor & I savwed it & thought it was so cute ...& personalized! Jeanne S.

90's, hot & humid here again ...should have a little relief tomorrow, 'they' say...hope so. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dead & Breakfast Inn Sign

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Sarah, I meant to comment on your PURPLE,chocolate, gold Christmas plans for this year. That sounds lovely. I was so happy last year when purple became a 'hot' Halloween color. LOL.

I know with the awful winter many of you had, that you want summer to last (tho its been brutal for you too in areas not use to such extreme heat). But I'm with those wanting summer OVER. Its never nice in Phoenix from May till Halloween. We have only two seasons here, HOT and Nice. LOL. Even after being here almost 50 yrs, I never get use to just how hot it gets. And the older I get, the less well I handle it. So I'm ready to think/plan about cool things like Christmas. LOL.

Jeanne, I remember putting that sign in our album. I loved it, what a hoot! Wish I could get motivated to make things again, that would be near the top of my Too Long to Do List.

hugs, Karen

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I'm not ready to start buying for Christmas but I love seeing all the new decorations when they come out each year. I buy for all the seasons when I'm out ys so it's always fun to unpack and see what I've found when the seasons roll around.

I think the purple, choc and gold sounds pretty too. I do get tired of seeing the same colors and love it when other buy up the new ones and share. I have so many things and I never get all of it put out.

So happy so many of you have HL to browse this time of year.


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I hope the colors go as planned. It looked pretty in the store when I piled it all together in the buggy anyways. lol
I already started really planning about a month ago when a friend and I went to an auction. They had what I "thought" to be a huge fiber optic tree. I bid/won it , all proud loaded it in the truck and carried it home to the garage.
When I got a few minutes to dig through the box , I found out it wasn't 1 but 7!! small fiber optic trees. Ooook , so that didn't go quite as planned but now I have more to play with. lol

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Okay, not fair that all of you have Hobby Lobby and I don't! Can you tell that I am pouting? LOL

I've not been out shopping lately exceot for a couple trips to Home Depot and Lowe's so not sure if any Christmas is out yet here or not. Like Karen, I sure don't NEED anymore, my storage shed is packed already. But sometimes, there's just something I can't resist. LOL


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Luvs: I'll pout with you because I don't have one either. The nearest one is over an hour away. lol

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No Holly Lobby near me or Ross either for that matter! Lots of pouting going on Holidays right now!! LOL I don't like Seeing Christmas things in stores this early though.

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Wonderful!! Got some action going....

Milosmom, my ears stay up for Christmas. I just LOVE Christmas..You be careful, sounds like you have a good man. I didn't see the pic. Always make room for more Christmas. LOL Make the best of two worlds, Lots more to decorate, the more the merrier. LOL An hour is not far if you "need" Christmas. HA HA

Seasonaldecorating, I have two new, to me, 15ft trees, that I plan to put up this year. One will be all white like I had last year. And the other one is going to be old traditional, like when I was growing up.

Kath, I understand, not everyone is ready.

Punk, I too buy all though the year for what ever occasion I may see cheap. Just bought an Easter rabbit and grass.

Karen, you are always so sweet. Thank you for the permission, however I know I don't need another baby. Daddy and the ones I already have are a full time job. The twins are 15 months, and weigh 13 lbs. a piece. Big boys. Have some cute pics when I get time and can update my program to post.

Jeanne, I guess I kind of skip over Halloween and go straight to fall. We don't have any little one to enjoy the fun.

Luvs and Nana, I am so sorry you don't have a hobble lobby. Do you have the Christmas tree stores?? I don't. POUT POUT..

I sure hope I didn't leave anyone out, it was not intentional. Thank you all for your reply's..

Take Care everyone and happy decorating and shopping and looking!!!

Try to stay cool, We are under a HEAT WARNING today, again.

Take Care,


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