B.B.Q. Table

Bingham51August 9, 2012

This is my first time posting I do hope that the picture

come out. First I must say I LOVE viewing your tables, that's how I got started, keep up the great work. The plates, S/P set are from Christmas Tree. The big ant I got at a TS. The mini grills are a Christmas ornament that a store was having a "Christmas in July".I made a few changes to them, and I didn't add anyones name.

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Welcome Bingham!!
This is such a fun table.
A perfect table for a BBQ on a hot summer day.
I love that you used the milk bottles as glasses.
The little grills and salt and pepper shakers are soo cute.
This forum is a warm and welcoming place to come to. It is a little slow here in the summer,
but I do hope you will come back soon and share your tables with us. We all love looking at tablescapes.
Thanks for Sharing!!


PS: What time do we eat?

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Bingham, glad you are joining us!
This table is perfect in every detail, from the gingham napkins to the little grills and I'm loving that big ant. I'd have snatched him up too!!
The canning jars are a whimsical choice for glassware. Makes me want a big glass of ice cold lemonade!!

I can almost smell the burgers grilling!

Fun table!


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Welcome Bingham..I'm happy you're joining us here too!
Cute - cute BBQ table. Says 'Summertime' to me!
You have so many perfect accessories for this table.
Love the checked plates & napkins. Also the S&Ps and especially the little grills.
NIce idea using the canning jars..but I think that 'picnic ant' steals the show !!
What an perfectly adorable CP ...if I were sitting there, I'd enjoy him knowing he's not real! lol
For your first posting...you did a great job.
Hope to see more from you soon.

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Welcome, Bingham! Your BBQ table is very cute! Of course, like the others, I think your big ANT steals the show! Like that! The 'grill' placecards idea is HOT! Very cute! Glad you joined us ...this is a great group...& you'll be lookin' for MORE storage space within the yr, I'm sure! I hope to be posting more soon, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Welcome Bingham, so glad to have you sharing with us. Those little grills are so darn cute! I too love the big ant, can't have a picnic without a few of those showing up! I always love the combination of red/white too. Please keep coming by and sharing. Luvs

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Bingham, first of all, sorry I'm so slow posting but so happy to have you here with us!!! Your BBQ tablescape is adorable. The plates are so cute. Love the little BBQ grill ornaments you used. I pick up Christmas ornaments on clearance and use them on alot of my tables.

The ant tray was a wonderful find for this table. Gingham napkins are perfect for a BBQ table and sweet little S & P shakers. Milk bottles and straws are sweet too.

Hope you will continue to stop by and post.


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Marlene Kindred

I missed this one before...totally cute and the big ant is a hoot!

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Bing, I'm so sorry to be late with welcoming you to our Gang. Glad you found us. (did you also find our Inspiration albums on Photobucket? They cover all the holidays AND tablesettings. If you didn't, then I'll put the links in another post for you. I'll be updating some of our albums with new photos real soon too, so need to remind everyone to check them out since the big decorating seasons are almost here. YAY. I can hardly wait to get out the Fall stuff.

Like Marlene said, that big ant is a hoot. Cracked me up.
hugs, Karen

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Very cute, table!
I am a big fan of CTS!

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