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SeasonalDecorating__August 14, 2013

When I can't put up a tree or decorate the porch with pumpkins, I spend time painting accent walls, refinishing furniture, tending to my plants on my porch, and coming up with table setting ideas for when family visits :)

Picasso Canna with creeping jenny and coleus

Orange Calla Lilly, creeping jenny, coleus, and super bells

Here is my porch. The pillows are Navy blue and a rust orange

Chocolate brown accent wall in the dining room

Fireplace wall

This dresser was solid white with white hardware. I painted it black and distressed edges with sand paper. I also replaced the white hardware with this bronze hardware.

Nature table setting with frog pitcher and bunny plates and tulip cups

Also preserved boxwood decor

feather butterfly napkin rings

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Wow, Your deck looks so inviting! I have tried with no success to grow coleus. Your planters are so amazing!

Your home looks lovely and the dresser is perfect. It looks so professional (think Pott. Brn) that I can't even imagine it white!!

Love the Bordallo plates, I have a couple of those. Pairing them with the cute frog pitcher in that nature setting was genius.

Everything is wonderful.


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You keep VERY busy! Your porch decor is beautiful & your container plantings look devine!! Love the color combo w/your furniture, pillows, plantings!

That dresser re-do is awesome! Love the change of color & the hardware. Bordello was first introduced to me thru this forum, by Purplemoon... so lovely & you've found a wonderful frog pitcher.

Everything is fab! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Beautiful containers. I just love coleus. Soooo many different kinds. Wish I had your talent for putting different plants together. I fill up a pot with just one kind - no matter what size it is.

My mother always, and I do mean ALWAYS, had a coleus clipping rooting in a glass of water on her kitchen window sill.
Where are you located? Coleus would burn up here (So. Cal) if they spent all day in the sun.

Those butterfly napkin rings are very sweet.
I really like the "two tone" walls in your dining area.

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Thanks! I am in Minnesota and my porch gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon which is nice. I do end up having to water them mostly every day though when the temps are in the 90s.

jeannespines and christmascandy,

I first saw those Bordello plates at a high end kitchen store, and was lucky enough to find them on clearance. I bought 4 chicken plates, the frog pitcher, and a chicken platter. I found the cabbage dishes at a discount store. Then one day I was shopping in a thrift store and came across a stack of 10 plates for $10. I was so excited because I love those dishes and didn't think I would find any more of them again :)


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SD, everything looks awesome. I *NEVER* think to put Creeping Jenny in my planters. duh! CJ came with the house and I can't seem to get rid of it because it grows so fast!

Absolutely LOVE the chickadees/decor in the LR! Must ask what the "5T" and "3T" are on the console... can't be tablespoons. lol! Frog pitcher is super cute too. TFS!!!

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Thanks! Yes, Creeping Jenny grows fast and spreads fast too! I have some planted at my grandma's house. The chickadee photography was taken by my brother, and I edited the images into the brighter, highly contrasted, slightly sepia tones you see above. The "5T" and "3T" I bought because I thought they were cool. They look like rustic reels. They were part of a nautical collection :)


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Very cool on the chickadees! did you print them yourself after editing? they look larger than 8.5x11, so wondering what was used. I keep wanting to print some of my garden/bird photos for display and just never do it. :p

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Love your deck and those gorgous planters. Coleous are some of my fav. although I didn't get any planted this spring dure to too much going on with dh's health. I like yoour accent walls and the diy furniture pices too. Your table is knockdown gorgous, too... guess I just like it all

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Thanks Janet :)


Yes, I have them printed from wal mart online. They are 11 by 14, and actually were not that pricey.

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Thanks, SD! I'll check out the options at WalMart!

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Everything's lovely especially the bird prints. I thought at 1st they were windows with decoration on them. The redo on dresser is lovely. I'm a flop at growing coleus in So.Ca. but neighbor has huge 1 each year but it's in the shade. Artful arranging of plants in the containers & love your décor on deck!! The butterflies are perfect finish to your lovely table. Jan

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Love your photos, SD. The planters are spectacular, I love Coleus but I haven't planted any in years.
Great job on the dresser. I agree with Candy you did a professional looking job.
Your table is lovely. All the pieces go together wonderfully.
I love the Bordello plates too. You were lucky to find the plates at bargain prices.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.

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Wowzers!!! Everything is Beautiful. Loved seeing all
your phots tonight. I can see your going to fit right in
here with all of us.

Great find on your dishes. I picked up some at Tuesday
Morning last winter but didn't get that kind of a deal. Hope you keep sharing more with us.


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WOW. Beautiful plants! Wish I had your green thumb, mine is totally black!!
The chocolate wall color is awesome. I like dark colors, and definitely like accent walls. The dresser redo looks so pretty too.

That frog pitcher is the cutest thing. And I recognize 'my' bunny bordallo dishes. I have quite a few of them displayed on my kitchen counter. Bordallo has so many designs, and I think 5 or 6 colors, all are neat but I just got the green bunny ones.

You are one energetic gal....want to visit Phoenix? LOL
hugs, Karen

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SD. certainly are gifted in decorating and. Container planting! Your home is lovely and your porch looks very inviting. I'm a Bordallo
fan too and love your Table setting. I think the green bunny plates
are my favorite. Your dresser turned out amazing and the new knobs
go perfectly. It definitely looks like a piece from Pottery Barn!
Enjoyed looking.
Thanks for sharing.

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You are obviously a true nature lover and quite a talented artist to boot! Your morning spot of early sunshine is perfect for coleus as they prefer shade from the hot sun. The chocolate wall is amazing - a real standout. Thank you for sharing.

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