Questions about Bathtub (Tea for Two and Installation)

saw50st8May 10, 2012

We've decided to pull the plug and get the Tea for Two whirlpool tub. A few questions:

1) Are you happy with your Tea for Two tub? Sitting in it felt like heaven, but I would love use reviews. I am getting the 5' version because I am short.

2) We are debating between undermount or tiling so that the top of the tub doesn't have an additional overhang (meaning, not like an overmount). Does anyone have any pictures of tiled bathtubs like that? Thoughts or opinions on either installation would be great.

3) We are thinking of going with a sliding glass door. We will need glass on two perpendicular sides. Any advice on getting sliding glass doors?

Thanks for your help!

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I have a tea for two soaking tub, not whirlpool in the 5.5' size.

my thoughts in no particular order
1) have you sat/seen the 5' size? I remember a NYTimes story about renovating a brownstone that commented that they got the 5' tea for two, had to downsize from teh 5.5 and were unhappy b/c it killed the depth along with the length.

2) the drain set up absolutely sucks. I had 2 plumbers and my father in law who is a handy man screw with it, none could get it to reliabily work, it either didn't drain and held water or, drained, but wouldn't hold water. We resorted to removing the drain and using a rubber stopper.

3) we were acting as GCs on teh renovation..... we were buying the fixtures and having a plumber install... however, he wasn't any kind of set up to get this up to the second floor master, nor manuver it around... we did that. it weighs about 450lbs + we decided that undermounting would make sense. on top of that, I bought mine off of craigslist for a really really good deal. the downside, one corner had a small chip. it could have been touched up, but I used the "savings" to undermount with granite. It really looks sweet.

I'm really not sure what you're doing with sliding glass doors? as far as I can tell they don't have set up that would accomodate a shower, so I'm nto sure doors would be needed...

I like the tub, but we don't use it much, we should, but don't. if I were to do the whole bath over again, I would have done a larger shoewr and skipped the tub.

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I sat in the 5' tub. It felt fantastic for me!

The salesman said we could undermount or tile up straight, but not to have a deck with an overmount because water pools.

We don't have room for a bath and shower, so we are going for a combo (shower over bath). I use my current bath frequently enough to warrant getting one.

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