Can broken dessert dish be repaired?

party_music50August 7, 2010

Probably a dumb question, but I have 6 heavy clear glass dessert dishes (compote-style) that I *love*, and BF just broke the stem on one. Can that be glued somehow? or is it a gonner? :(

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Yes, but you're wise to find a professional to do the job - especially if it's the stem.

If that's not a option, Google "glass dish repair" - you'll get lots of options.

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There's a glue site called This to That which might be helpful. You just type in glass to glass and it will suggest products to use.

Kathleen might remember the glue Tamgypsy used on her broken bunny, I always forget what it was called, but it sure did an amazing job and didn't show at all.

I hope you are able to fix it or get it fixed.


Here is a link that might be useful: what glue to use

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Thanks for the replies! I guess it's a gonner. lol! OA, it's not worth enough to try to find a professional fix, and I checked the glue site that luvs suggested. The adhesive they recommend is impossible to find. It lists super-glue as an alternative, but BF just confessed that he's already tried that. ;^)

I almost never break anything, and with BF it's *expected*! lol!

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Ahhh, broken hearts are harder to mend! Bless BF for "already tried that." Sorry for you loss, tho, party! :-) Jeanne S.

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Don't toss it yet...I have had wonderful results with Loctite Glass Glue. I am linking the ad below, but I bought mine at Lowes for less than $2.50. I used it to repair my grandmother's syrup jug that survived 11 kids, to lose it's life to one miserable cat who is still in disgrace!!!!
I also use it to put glass knobs on the top of various pieces of junque that I haul home and make "cloches" out of :^) Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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A dear friend of mine has her stems repaired. If it's really something you treasure, it might be worth having it done professionally.

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If all else fails, try E6000-It works well on glass.

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