Does powder room hardware finish have to match with the faucet's

sara_in_phillyMay 5, 2011

I have been thinking of updating my powder room on the first floor and I know I want a simple white round vessel sink on a dark (espresso or dark walnut) cabinet. This is as far as I have gone.

(A white vessel sink similar to this)

A couple od days ago, I saw a Delta Victoria aged pewter faucet for the vessel sink on Tuesday Morning for about $70 and I like it.

(The Delta Aged Pewter vessel sink faucet, the finish is very dark.)

Even though I never thought of using aged pewter finish faucet and the faucet is a little more traditional than my style (I tend to like transitional style), I figured, for the sake of the good price, I ought to make it work:-).

My questions are the following:

1) Do the rest of powder room hardwares(such as towel bar, toilet paper ring, light fixture, cabinet handles) finish have all to be the dark aged pewter now to match with the faucet finish?

2) Would all the pewter finish make the room too dark? This powder room has no windows.

3) What kind of cabinet top should I use, light granite or dark wood (or other dark material)? My concern is that if I use dark top, it will make the room even darker; but if I use a lighter top, there won't be the contrast I like between the sink and the top.

4) Can I mix in with other finish? Anyone has pictures of Vessel sink bathroom with mixed finishes?

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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1) Personally, I do not think all of the hardware has to match in finish. I have mixed chrome and brushed nickel and stainless in the same room. Personally, I prefer them to be in the same "family" (ie: silver colors), but that's just a personal preference.

2) I do not think that hardware finishes have a strong impact on whether a room looks dark or light. I believe that paint, floor color, countertop color, and vanity color have a much bigger impact on how dark a room feels because they fill up the space.

3) If you really like the contrast of dark wood (and/or dark granite or something) with the white, go for it. Consider using a light colored wall paint to keep the room from feeling too dark. I love the striking contrast of white and dark wood.

4) What other finishes would you like to mix in?

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pricklypearcactus, thank you for your reply!

The wall color will definitely be light. It just happened that the wall decos (opposite of sink) in the room are all dark frame. I am worried that if I use pewter towel bar/ring, toilet paper holder... it will be too much. Maybe a brushed nickle towel bar/ring, paper holder can break up the mono dark color tone? I am not sure about the lighting fixture above the sink yet, maybe I will stay with pewter. What do you think?

I am not a very creative person, these decisions stress me out:-)

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If you have light walls and presumably white (or off-white) fixtures (toilet, sink basin), I think those will go a long way to keeping the room bright. Honestly, I think either pewter or brushed nickel would look lovely with your selected fixture. Towel bars / rings, toilet paper holders, and light fixtures aren't terribly difficult to replace. Go with what you think you will like best (there really is no wrong answer) and if you decide you don't like them, you can always replace them.

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pricklypearcactus, thank you for the encouragement and putting thing in perpective! You are right, it is not deficult to replace towel bars / rings, toilet paper holders... , now I just need to find that right cabinet:-)

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