H20 vacuum?

justjustinOctober 16, 2008

H20 Turbo Vacuum

I know that everyone here loves the H20 Steam Mop, but now I see they have a water filtration vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner uses water just like the Hyla or Rainbow except it appears to do so at a far cheaper price. The only difference I can tell is that instead of using an electric powernozzle, this one uses an air driven turbine brush like many central vacs use. Not a BAD thing, many studies say they are equal in cleaning, just saying it's different.

Anyway, anyone know anything about these machines? Of course I've ordered one and for the cost of shipping you could get another one free so I actually have TWO units on their way, along with extended hoses. They offer their own air turbine nozzle but I declined and instead ordered a top of the line air driven nozzle from TurboCat.

Just wondering if anyone knew anything about these as it will be two weeks (atleast) before they arrive, even paying $6.95 for rush processing! I'm anxious I tell ya, anxious!


Here is a link that might be useful: H20 Turbo Vacuum

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instead of using an electric powernozzle, this one uses an air driven turbine brush like many central vacs use. Not a BAD thing, many studies say they are equal in cleaning, just saying it's different.

This alone would be the reason enough for me not to buy this product. Air driven turbine brushes just don't cut it on thick wall-to-wall carpeting.

I dare say that a central vac has much more suction than your average stand-alone vac, and even then, a couple of my friends whose central vacs lack electric turbines are unsatisfied with them.

As for the water filtration aspect, you can get similar results without the inconvenience of using water, so why bother?

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I have watched this demo on TV for some time. I will tell U that the Turbo Cat will not work with a vac that only has 60 CFM! The Rainbow is 65 CFM but the Hyla is 100. I have a central system and they told me that this would out clean the electric PNS They lied! I have a Vacuflo 960 central and the water lift is 125 and the CFM is 232 and is sized for a 18,000 ft. Mc-Mansion and this is 4,000 sq. ft. The Turbo Cat is crap! It does not even take the foot prints out of this plush carpet. If you have Berber it would work fine. After 2 weeks I went and bought an electric kit. I had central in my former home and in my hair salon. They were all electric. The brush spins way too slowly for it 2 B effective unless all of your carpets are of the low pile type. I have 2 Rainbows and 2 Kirbys and collect Vacs so I can grab whatever I want 2 use that day. I have over 20 and they are all of the door 2 door types of vacs which U pay several thousand $ for. I am going to purchase this 4 wet pick-up as I just was divorced and my now ex-wife would never be able to figure out how 2 figure out the wet pick-up for the central vac. I'll just gift her with the second one. She has never used a vac in 26 years so let's see how she does! LOL Wait until she moves her parents in here at 90 and 91! She will have a lot of wet pick-up! LOL

Good Luck, and let us know what U think when U try the machine out.

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Glad to see your post about the Turbo Cat not working. I went back and ordered the turbine head THEY offer. Since I have about two dozen vacuums as well (Big water vac collector, I have several Rainbows, 2 Hyla's, a Delphin and an Ocean Blue) maybe the Turbo Cat will work on those. If not, I can always use it on my central vaccum, since I think that is basically what they were designed for.

My carpet is a low pile, luxury plush, Whatever the heck that means. Supposed to be like what you find in luxury hotel suites. At any rate, it's very low pile and I think the air brush will work.

Hope to like the vac! If not it will atleast add to my collection!



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