Window Coverings help: To shutter or not to shutter?

kellylpApril 27, 2013

So my house has oddly shaped windows. We love the windows as they are the main design feature of the house, however, window coverings are becoming very difficult. Our contractor has built a frame for shutters to sit in the windows, but I'm not sure if I am happy with shutters. My concern is they will a) block too much light, b) hide the pretty windows and c) The windows shown have a window seat below. To sit in the window seat comfortably, the shutters will not be able to be opened..

I'm linking a few pictures that show the shape of the windows and a sample shutter held in place (although not the correct size). If anyone has any advice/opinions, we'd love to hear them! This is one of the upstairs bedrooms in which it would be ideal to block out light for kiddos to sleep!

Thanks in advance!

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Beth LaPenna

Shutters would be a great solution, especially since you mentioned kiddos sleeping. The larger the individual louver (slat, if you will), the more of your view you will be preserving when they are fully tilted open in the horizontal position. In my experience, most people don't open their shutters except to clean their windows. But of course the option is always there. Shutters can also be magnetized to the frame for some openings that aren't too large. If you choose to go with shutters, you will never have to think about your windows again. Consider it done. I personally love them, especially for windows that are unusually shaped such as yours.

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I have had them in 2 houses now...and adore them. Like stated above...after the initial hefty investment, you really don't have to think about them again. Easy to clean (just wipe with a dry swiffer) and they even help with heating and cooling costs. Mine were painted the same color as our trim paint, and I think they add architectural interest.

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I don't care for shutters. I like being able to easily open the shades and see through the whole clear pane of glass.

I'd probably do a honeycomb blind on the rectangular portion of the windows and leave the top part alone. They have cordless ones now that are good for kids' rooms.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm not a fan as they block too much light and certainly won't be comfortable for sitting against on the window seat. I'd rather a window treatment that draws up and out of the way, esp with children.

You will also need to cover the entire window to get room darkening as a lot of the light through a window comes from the top.

I'd look into a custom window treatment to accommodate the angles.

Traditional Dining Room by Williston Window Coverings

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I think the shutters would look great if you can use the 4 1/2 inch louvers without dividing the window side to side or top to bottom. I guess that means no divider rail and 1 piece per window. It would look more moderns and fit your windows well.

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I'm not a fan of the cellular shades and the pic above, we love our plantation shutters. Guess that will be a decision you will have to choose on what look you are going for. We have 3.5in shutters which look great and give you a nice view when open. I do love having the option of being able to open my shutters when I want to see a full view. It's probaly to late now but I would have considered having them pre-wire those windows with low/high voltage wire so that you could use some type of motorized shutter or blind you choose. That would have allowed for alot more control in opening/closing of your window treatments.

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