Terrible Dust in the MBdrm only - cause?

kacy27October 22, 2011

Posting for a non-tech friend. She has constant dust on her master bedroom furniture. Dusts in the morning and by afternoon it's dusty again. The rest of the house doesn't have this problem. The dustbunnies under the bed are REALLY bad. She changes a/c filters often and the return in the attic is correctly installed. The woman keeps an uber-clean home. Short-haired dog. Popcorn ceilings in entire house. Berber carpet in this room only. Could the berber have anything to do with it? Any ideas?

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Humidify the room. Keeps the dust down! I know, my shark mop steams the floors and my shelves on the bottom two rows never need dusting.

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kellyhughes: hmmm. We're in Houston so humidity is something we have a LOT of, unfortunately. However you gave me a thought. Do you think it's possible that humidity could actually CAUSE the problem? The master bathroom steams really bad. They use a ceiling fan in the bathroom to dissipate it, so I'm sure most of it blows into the bedroom.

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Does she only have one return in the house? Is she sure that all the returns are working correctly?

The reason I bring this up is when we bought our current home it was three years old. I had air conditioning put in the home and the HVAC guy could not get it to cool correctly. It was finally determined that one of the returns (there are three in the house) was clogged on one side with insulation. The amount of insulation filled a large garbage bag. The original owners apparently had problems with the furnace, which was noted by the service calls on the furnace panel. The furnace repairman apparently could not figure out the problem. But because one return was not working properly, it was not circulating the air correctly. If her ductwork is clogged it could be not pulling the air from her bedroom.

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When I lived in Houston/Texas our A/C only had one main return air vent where the filter goes. It is not like that in Ohio where I live now...they seem to feel it's necessary to have return ducts all over the house? ANYWAY....I have a suspicion it's coming off the popcorn ceiling. Or it could be from her carpet. Maybe her vacuum isn't cleaning it that good? Carpet is very dusty, so are curtains.

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Higher quality filters. Most people seem to use the cheapest ones that sure dont filter much dust unless it by chance bumps into a cobweb.

Maybe add a portable hepa filter in that room or a couple or more of the big ones for the whole house. Big better ones are amazing at reducing dust.

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i'm going to give those ideas to her. She swears that the 2 returns aren't blocked. Hadn't thought about the quality of the filters though. She has always blamed the popcorn ceilings but since they are all over the house it seemed that it might not be the case. I want the cause to be the soon-to-be-replaced berber. It is the devil. I'll pass all this along and see what happens. yall are great. thanks for your input.

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I live in south Louisiana and we are "humid". But I still get dust. When I bought my steam mop I started to notice that the dust wasn't there on the bottom part like on the top. I am seriously thinking of buying a humidifier for my living room just to see if it cuts down.

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Home Depot and Lowe's have several electric room size filters, with hepa filters. I bought a set of 3 fromm HSN once and I was just shocked at how black those filters got! The reason I would get one at Home Depot or Lowe's is easy access to new filters. They really do work good and would be worth a try....

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I think I'M going to buy a humidifier too now. dbfirewife: 'Electric' room size filters ? electrostatic?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm curious about the furniture that is what is probably 'showing' the dust. Is it a dark wood or maybe even a black lacquer finish? Years ago a friend had a black lacquer set and she got rid of it saying that no matter how hard she tried and how much she cleaned, the furniture was always showing dust.

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chemocurl, the furniture is dark indeed. I think it is old ethan allen with a fairly slick finish. It's in pristine shape. Perhaps it "attracts" more dust? I still wonder about the large amount of dust under the bed. I'm passing all this along to her. thank yall.

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I have been sitting back and reading the different posts. If you are saying that the dust is worse in this bedroom, your friend needs to examine the activities and how are they different from other rooms in the house.

I think your friend needs to look at the bed. You keep pointing to dust bunnies under the bed. Every time someone sits down, or gets up, air is displaced. That air is going to push dust around or out of the mattress. Mattresses hold living dustmites and their feces, etc. It also holds our skin flakes.

On a regular basis, everyone should be vacuuming their bed. Once a month, after all the sheets are removed get out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the bed. And I am not saying change your sheets once a month either. Mine get changes weekly. The best way would be to put the upright or the power nozzle of a canister on the bed and vacuum like you would the carpeting. Make sure you do not have any mattress buttons sticking out or any loose thread. If you have a bagless, start with an empty bin, so you can see all that is picked up. You will be shocked, if you never did this before.

It is quite hard to vacuum the underside of a box spring, so maybe think about a mattress cover for it. Think about getting a skit for the bed. That will help with keeping some of the dust under the bed.

When messing with the sheets, do not shake them so much. Don't you just love the commercials for something like Tide or Downey, where the sheets just fly in the air and drop on the bed. All that link tossed in the air. Also clean bedspread, comforters regularly. At least take them outside and give them a good shake.

Of course, vacuum the room regularly. Occasionally, vacuum the walls and ceiling or at least use a static duster wand.

Does this person often have an open window? That can be an issue. Does this person have a master bath and use after shower powders? Does this person have a ceiling fan running often? That will help spread the dust around.

What vacuum cleaner does this person have? It should filter and clean very well. This person should vacuum and dust everywhere. Again, vacuum the mattress. Vacuum any fabric furniture also. Are there any bookcases in the room? Big mistake, because mites like to do alittle reading too.

A room air cleaner is a good suggestion. I have used one for a long time. I have some allergies and noticed I would start sneezing in bed. Mine also gives me the "white noise", so I do not hear anything. When I replaced the filter, I could see colored dust. Well, that was lint from my sheets. See my previous paragraph. Don't shake the sheets.

As for humidifiers, well, know what you are doing. Dustmites thrive in humid, warm environments.

Make sure this person cleans EVERYTHING. I really believe it is the bed.

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Thanks for the excellent ideas.

My friend is indeed a neat neat neat freak. She would change the sheets twice a week if possible, but I see tons of ideas in your post. She probably fluffs the dust right out of pillows and bedding daily. And then because of the steam in the bathroom the ceiling fan in there blows it out into the room. I'm not sure how to remedy the problem unless she takes everything outside to fluff and then brings it back in. Or vacuums instead of "fluffs". The steam problem in the bathroom isn't going away i don't think. brilliant information. thanks.

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She does not need to "fluff" so much, or not so aggressively. There are also pillow covers, which hold allergens inside. Then all a person does is put their regular pillowcase over it.

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