Anyone who knows about the lemon!

ebear1271October 12, 2009

Sorry this is so long but I will greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give me!!

I have a question about the lemon law, or just on how to get a refund on my 1-1/2 year old Meile Capricorn vacuum.

I liked it enough when I first got it. Suction was not as good as my Royal but the filtration was definitely better. Anyway, about 6 months into it, I thought that the powerhead was going out. Turns out it can't handle a lot of pet hair (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats) and the hair was up in the powerhead where you had to take it apart to get to it. Cost me $45.00 to have it "cleaned" and I have since learned how to do it myself.

A month ago I turned it on and nothing, completely dead. Took it in (still under warranty) and they replaced a board that had gone bad. OK, got it home, turned it on....nothing! Took it back, replaced the motor and the main board. Got it home and used it to vacuum the mattresses with the upholstry attachment. It seemed that the suction just wasn't right. Very weak. Using the same attachment, at full power, I used it on my drapes. Barely made a ripple when it should have been pulling on the drapes. Then I plugged in the powerhead to do the carpet and see how the suction was. Guess what? It's dead!!!! My powerhead must be shorting it out.

I will have to take it back AGAIN. The fact that I paid $1200.00 for this thing is making me sick. Does anyone know of any way I can force a refund. I would just ask but after 1.5 years I don't think they'll be too agreeable.

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help!!

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I don't believe there is a lemon law for appliances, only cars. I don't know that you can force a refund, but my guess would be that you have a good chance of politely asking for and receiving a replacement. Start with the dealer, and if that doesn't work, contact Miele USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele USA contacts

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I too have heard of The Lemon Law applying only to cars. If an appliance is under a year old, it probably has some kind of warrantee/guarantee. Contact the manufacturer.

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Lemon laws would seem to be different from state to state. At least my state has its own lemon law that covers appliances.

I found it Googling ~ appliances "lemon law" [my state] ~

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