Finally A Start Magical XMas

calicocat1967August 10, 2010

Okay, it took me awhile to get started. But here we go. I still need a red napkin, then I will tie a bow around the top plate? Maybe?? I am thinking of doing a modge podge plate for the top with the word Frosty on it? Thoughts? How about the centerpiece? Too much?? Need more filler?? My first time entering a table setting so I am nervous and don't want to look like a fool. FYI, we are not to use flatware, I guess they don't want to be responsible for it. Sorry for the blurry pictures..I really need to invest in a tri-pod. Thanks for any advice.


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That is incredible, I love the colors. I love the little framed saying, it really ties it all together. I'm thinking maybe red napkins and snowmen napkin rings would be a nice finish for it. It looks like a winner to me.

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I agree about the red napkins, but I'm a bling fan, so I would have to put a silvery snowflake (cut them out of card stock, coat with glue and scatter with silvery glitter - run a piece of silver elastic cord through tiny holes in the snowflake and tie to hold the napkin)for a napkin ring. Everything else that you have done looks great!! I don't think I would tie up the plates, but the "frosty" mod podge sounds cute...and maybe even a tiny snowflake or two on there as well!
You are doing great!!

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Love the sign and the frame.

Some things to try (They might not look good, but I'm trying imagine what I'd try.):

I like bling too. Whatever color glitter you decide to go with (silver, white, ?), use the glitter that has crystals in it.

I think you might use a few more of those red feathery things in the arrangement.

How about adding a silver serving dish somewhere on the table? Will you have room for that?

Maybe add some small snowflakes (like the ones that jaybird suggested making for the napkin rings) on skewers and use as floral picks coming out of the hat arrangement.

Try using some of the thin red ribbon you used on the ornament to tie a bow around the stem of the wine glass. See if that looks good.

Do you have another stemmed glass to use so that you could have goblets for both water and wine?

Use the same font that you used for the work "magic" on the word "frosty" that you are planning to use on the plate. Try it in black print and in the red print and see which one looks best.

Give the hat a wide red hat band. You might want to try and raise the hat centerpiece up a bit and see if the extra height shows it off any better. Do you have a small silver compote (or white or clear glass) on which to stand it?

Can you wind some small battery powdered LED string lights among the silver floral stuff?

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Love all of the ideas. I will have a red napkin to use. Will try to dig up some snowflakes to add. Yes, I some lights to put under the glass, but they have a green wire so I have to spray paint them. Like the idea of the red ribbon on the hat. I have a cake plate I can put the hat up on. Will try these ideas and take more pictures.


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Lots of good advice has been given. I have silver snowflake napkin rings and place card holders. I got mine at WmSonoma outlet, but I know Michael's had them too.
Or like Jay said, you can make them. Dollar Tree had bags of the perfect size you could spay and dip in glitter, or just spray silver.
Little star mirrors under the stems would sparkle too.
Good luck, it looks lovely!

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I found the other wicker hat table...lots of shimmer to it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shimmery Black Hat Table

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LOVE, LOVE it! This has got to be a winner or those judges will need their eyes checked. I can't wait to add your pix to our Christmas inspiration album with that centerpiece. And the tablesetting album in the Christmas section. Its WONDERFUL.

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Kim, looks like you are off to a great start. With all the ideas others have helped with, you sure could be a Winner.

The only idea I have is you could fill your stems with the glitter snow and then put your ornaments back on. May add a soft look and more bling.


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Love this combination...very sophisticated.
I agree that using red napkins would look great, and would compliment the splash of red you have in the ornament... The first thing I thought of too, was 'silver snowflake napking rings'!...guess I wasn't so clever being that others here feel the same way...
I think your centerpiece is lovely...(just a thought)...I purchased from QVC, small crystal, lighted garland. It's battery operated, and can be eaisly tucked into any centerpiece, and adds nice extra sparkle.

Good Luck on the judging...I think everything you did, is just lovely.


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Thank all for the compliments. I am still tweaking things. Will take a final picture tonight. I am going to try and make a napkin ring. I added silver snowflakes to the centerpiece. I put the centerpiece on a cake plate. I will add lights under the glass. So, hopefully I will be ready by Thursday night. That is the setup night. Judging is Friday morning. Along with this table setting I am also entering a flower design, in the Enchanted green garden theme. I am also entering in five categories of single flower blooms and the hosta leaf divisions. WHEW !!! Wish me luck !!

Thanks again,

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Oh, what fun you are having! Hard work, too! But can tell you are enjoying! I think your place setting is GORGEOUS!

Lots of great ideas here to add to it...the red napkin definitely will finish it off ...& I agree, needs a bit of "silver" ... can you use a red napkin also tied around the black hat? (just a thought...instead of ribbon) Love your cute, CUTE frame & print! Here's a pic that shows a snowflake napkin ring (which I wish I could send to you, but wouldn't get there for tomorrow! Ugh!) ...if you have some small crafty mirror tiles, maybe you could make something up, too! AHHHH, just brainstormin'! Just ENJOY, calico! You're on a roll! Jeanne S.

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Awesome tablescape and some great ideas from others! I'm not sure if you already had your contest, but instead of spray painting the green wire on the lights, you may find lights with white wire at Michaells or JoAnn's in their wedding department. I am sure you can get battery operated lights too. Good luck!

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Where are your final pictures?? I keep checking back, but they are not there. :(

How did the judging go? If you did not win, then the judges are crazy!

Still waiting....


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