bosch 800 + series does not dry dishes????

psyoheMay 7, 2013

We just connected our Bosch dishwasher. We have run two loads, but it doesn't dry the dishes.

Don't all dishwashers have a heated dry cycle?

Any advice? Thanks, peke

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Don't all dishwashers have a heated dry cycle? No, they do not all have heated dry.

Many units nowadays have condensation drying. The final rinse water is heated to a specific temperature such as 150ðF and dishware dries by retaining heat while the interior of the tub cools faster. Moisture condenses from the heated dishes onto the cooler tub walls where it runs down to the bottom. The drain pump may run at end of the drying period to clear the accumulated water. Opening the door immediately when the cycle ends may find the interior of the tub wet and the dishware somewhat more damp than to which one is accustomed.

Leaving the door ajar for a while before unloading will allow the residual moisture to evaporate.

Also, use of rinse aid is required.

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Should also be noted that at " the end of the cycle" the dishes haven't had a chance to dry in a condensing DW.

The machine may have stopped aftertax final rinse, but they need to stay in there with the door Closed to "bake" off the water so to speak.

After the heat has dissipated , you'd then open the door to evaporate the water left over.

Opening the door soon after the final rinse defeats the drying portion and just let's out lots of warm moist air which isn't good for your cabinets, counters, or house.

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Check your Care & Use manual. There is generally a way to boost the final rinse temp to make the dishes dry better. The default is off for better energy results.

Also make sure your rinse-aid is at the correct setting and that you have salt in the water softener tank that all 800+ units have

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What @dadoes said. We have an 800+ model and there is no heated drying feature in this series. Everything gets sufficiently hot from the final rinse (the water is heated, temp varies by cycle, consult your owners manual for more info) and that helps the items dry.

I have found that opening the door within the first 30 minutes (preferably the first ten minutes) after the cycle ends will yield the best drying. If left overnight and door not opened until next morning, things tend to be more damp.

Rinse Aid is advisable, per Bosch and many owners. Ours ran out a couple weeks ago and I refilled with plain white vinegar. Seems to be working great and much cheaper than the Jet Dry by Finish.

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Thanks to all. I didn't realize some dishwashers didn't dry dishes. We left the door closer until the next day so they were damp.

I had read the manual, but didn't remember that part.

I saw that it told me to test the water to know how much salt to use. Where do I buy the test strips?

Thanks, peke

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Our city water posts the results a couple times per year. If you are not on well water, contact your water company.
It is frustrating to have researched appliances and miss something basic. Been there, done that- so I feel your pain.

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Thanks to all. It just never occurred to me that it didn't dry. Probably why the energy star rating... peke

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Plastic items tend to not dry as well also.

The DW is relying on the residual heat left in the items, together with a rinse aid to make sure water runs off and there is enough heat to dry the little water left.

Plastic items (and other low mass objects) do not hold enough heat to dry as well.

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