Danby stackable dryer-resetting thermostat

ilmbgMay 9, 2014

This is for 'FYI,!
My neighbor and I happen to have the same washer/dryer combo by Danby.
Mine is about 8-9 years old. I have had no problems (knock on wood)!
In fact, I prefer it over my Asko at another home.
Recently , my neighbors dryer quit drying. The dryer tumbled, but no heat.
She called repair people-was told it needed a new belt (why-it tumbled), but that did not work...
After several trips, she called someone else. Seems nobody know how to work on a Danby because they are not made anymore. Did not have a good history, I think.
Anyway, she finally got an honest man! He told her nothing was wrong with her machine-she uses dryer sheets, which clog the dryer filter system with very fine lint from the dryer softening sheet. The lint slowed the air flow, raising the temperature in the dryer. The safety in the thermostat shut the heating element/system.
All the repairman did was clean the lint out and press a 'reset' button!
He said Danby is one of the few brands that has a reset button, that when this happens in most other brands you have to buy a new thermostat....
I tried looking up info/where this button is, but cannot find a picture.
Can anyone tell me more about location?

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Have no idea, but do know that Danby dryers were made by Gorenje which is still very much in business (and sold in many countries, though not the US), and that Bosch rebadged Gorenje dryers a few years back for their lower-end American line and their parts diagrams may be easier to find. Using that info you may be able to track it down.

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I did a Google search on "Danby dryer reset button", and this is one of the answers that came up. It sounds like useful information.

"All these experts, but no one can tell where reset button is, i finally found it, remove back cover, about 20 small screws, look on right side toward bottom, of dryer, 2 screws hold sensor with reset button, make sure dryer is unpluged, remove sensor clean lint from around it put screws back in, works fine, ive been looking for days for an expert to be able to tell where reset is, im no expert, i am a car salesman, but i found reset."

All dryers have heat limit switches. Most click on and off by themselves. And apparently one of the safety limiters on the Danby resets manually. It might not be easily accessed so that the cause of the fault will be investigated.

Someone else suggested that simply unplugging the dryer allows the computer to reboot and to refresh the operating parameters. But I don't know if yours has a computer. Unplugging and plugging actually works for many other appliances with computers too...

...it's also why I only own household appliances that have no computers in them. I'll take simple mechanical switches, buttons, and knobs any day.

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Hi lee... And tiny...
Thanks for the info! I did not have a clue in all the hunting on the internet that Danby still existed, per another brand, although overseas!
Tiny... I agree about the computer stuff. I don't mind turning a button either...if you can find anything still made that way!
Thanks both of you.

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You're welcome. : )
There are still some appliances available without computers. We have basic a low tech Maytag washer and dryer with simple mechanical controls. All that's needed with a washer is water temp and load size. We specifically bought a BlueStar range because it has no computers and the burners will still operate even in a power failure with matches. We still use the 60+ year old Hotpoint refrigerator my parents bought. It works perfectly and hardly uses any electricity... and our sole source of home heating is a delightfully computer-free wood stove.

Computers are nice... but appliances only really need a button to turn them on and off. ; )

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