New refrigerator ice clupping up?

ailene54May 9, 2012

I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator side by side doors, it has the ice maker in the door to give the freezer more room. Unfortunately I had the refrigerator delivered before my kitchen was started, then it was being moved from wall to wall, and I saw the ice cluping because of melting, but thought it was because the refrigerator was moved and thought someone probably unplugged it. Now that the kitchen is finished, my ice is clupping up, it's horrible, I can't go a entire week without having to epty and start over. I called the reparman in only to find out it's a problem of the refrigerator. He said to complain to the store, since I'm within 90 days, and will, but he said I'll probably have same problem with the next one too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Which Kenmore Elite did you buy? If you post the model # or a link to the model you bought, it's likely that someone here will be able to tell you which manufacturer really makes that unit and you may be able to get more info on fixing the problem. Our Kenmore Elite side by side is made by Samsung. I know Whirlpool, KA & LG also make KE refrigerators.

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We currently have a kenmore elite side by side with the ice in the door. We do have some slight problem with the ice clumping up but not too bad. We are considering the kenmore elite FD counter depth (made by LG) for our remodel. The appliance sales man (not at sears) was pushing the kitchen aid over the kenmore because of the exact reason of the ice in the door clumping. Basically every time the freezer door opens that ice bin is exposed to room temp and the ice melts slightly resulting is a refreeze clump when the door is closed again. This has really only been a minor problem with our current fridge. The advantage of the kenmore FD over the kitchen aid FD for us is that the ice in the door leaves more room in the fridge. We keep going back and forth over it though. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted on the outcome.

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The LG models with the ice maker in the door use about twice as much electricity as those with the ice maker in the fridge space.

They get their Energy Star rating by not running the ice maker.

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