Help! Black dust coming from door hinges

kclvOctober 23, 2007

Does anyone else have this problem? All of my interior door hinges have fine black dust coming out of them. It stains the woodwork and doors.

Last year I removed all the doors, cleaned the pins and hinges, and everything was ok for a few months, but it started again.

I asked at Lowes and was told it was due to graphite and cheap hinges, but changing every hinge in the house is NOT a possibility. ( there are 26 doors).

I will try to clean the hinges again, and will coat the pins with a thin layer of vaseline to lubricate them.

Any other hints would be greatly appreciated.

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I have never heard of that.

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I believe locksmiths use graphite when they install locks,it acts as a sort of lubricant on metal. Anybody?

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I believe this is a combination of hinge pin finish, and pin metal that is being worn off by the slight misalignment of hinges to the pin each time the door is opened or closed. Most door installers don't bother to lubricate hinge pins. I've cured the dust problem by driving out pin and putting a drop of oil at the top of the hinge pin and rubbing it all around and down the pin and replacing it. DO NOT over-oil or you will have an oil drip on you floor or carpet. No further problem for at least a year.

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My sister has this problem with all of her hinges, and it's so bad that the black dust has stained her light- colored carpets. I have this problem with only one of my doors so thanks for the info.

btw, I don't think these are cheap hinges.

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Mapletex, I have the same exact problem and I never knew the cause!!! I mean I assumed it was caused by the hinges but didn't know why. I'll have to try to clean & lubricate them and see if that helps. Ugh, I dread more housework! LOL

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It is from the graphite lubricant. A locksmikth once told me he uses a drop of liquid dishwashing soap as a lubricant.

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