Am I missing the obvious? Electric logs vs. code fireplace

Petra2012April 8, 2013

We are building an ICF and I know we will never use the fireplace. I still want to include one however, and after much research it seems that electric would be the way to go. However, we need a 2-way (or see through) fireplace and there is only ONE see-through electric fireplace model available in the US that I really don't like the looks of. (Europe has several... sigh). Ideally I wanted a 3-way, or penninsula fireplace. Here's my question:

If I used a normal insert fireplace (made for gas/wood burning/whatever) and then just had the builder NOT vent/chimney it and used electric logs for it instead, wouldn't that solve my problem?

Or am I missing something obvious? I know there may be a codes issue, which I have asked my builder about. Thoughts?

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could consider the alcohol fireplaces...those are 2 sided and can burn clean for 2 hrs with no venting or anything and you get a real flame....

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thanks very much. that would have been a wonderful solution but it really breaks the budget. back to the drawing board.

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