Clean Algae From Driveway Downspouts

Vision6800October 2, 2011

A few month ago I ran some flexible piping from a rain gutter and a sump pump onto a gravel driveway. Now there is a black green algae where the water is sent. I'm limited on how I can direct the water.

What can I do to clean up this algae? I'm thinking of using a spray pump and either Clorox outdoor bleach or an "oxygen bleach" mix (though nobody seems to know what oxygen bleach is).

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Curious what kind of flexible piping you used ?

Think I'd use clorox & maybe also visit a homedepot type store for some roof algie remover/preventative.

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Oxygen bleach is a form of hydrogen peroxide. AKA "Oxyclean" I don't know if it will kill mold/algae. Anyone?

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Hyrogen Peroxide will kill molds.
I had about annual ear aches, Ear doc said moisture mixed with ear wax grows black algie, just like the algie that grows around the swimming pool that eats thru the gunnite.. it also eats through the ear drum. After saying something about his $100 bill and maybe 20 or 30 dollar meds... The local pharmasist asked me, geeze, why dont you just put hydrogen peroxide in your ears & save yourself a bundle. Has worked for me for years.

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If I had this problem, I would use regular household bleach mixed with water - 3 parts water, 1 part bleach.

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Toss 25 pennies on the gravel....the copper that leacher out will kill the algae.
Linda C

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