Chrome or Brushed Nickel????

numbersjunkieMay 2, 2011

I am torn. I thought I wanted brushed nickel, but when I looked at the Hansgrohe shower valves, the chrome looked so nice and clean. Plus I figured I would save some $$$ going the chrome route. But all the faucets I really like only come in brushed nickel (Kohler Mistos or Cavata from HD/Lowes). Whats with that??? Is brushed nickel a fad that will look dated at some point?

Any advice for me? BTW, this is our lake house master bath. its a rental now but we may retire there someday.

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I agonized over this for months. I originally was sure I would get brushed nickel, but had the same experience you did: Saw the Hansgrohe, loved the chrome. Plus, in many bathroom pictures, I found I was drawn to the ones with the chrome, even though I may not have realized it was the chrome that I liked (if that makes sense). I think it just compliments the other things in the bathroom more than brushed nickel and gives more of a clean feeling. Also, going with chrome saved me over $300 on shower stuff alone, which was great!

I also worry the brushed nickel will look dated, however that didn't really sway my decision. Like most people here have said - if you like it, who cares?!

Try to do what I did - take a look through photos of bathrooms, and see how you like the look of the ones with chrome vs ones with brushed nickel. It really surprised me how clearly that defined what my preferences were.

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collins design

I think chrome is much more timeless and classic. I also think good quality chrome looks wonderful. I have used all chrome fixtures in my 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen reno in the last couple years. I have to say I regret buying brushed nickel door knobs, and I'm pretty sure that in a few years I will feel I need to replace those... that said, I have satin nickel pulls from Restoration Hardware on my cherry kitchen cabinets, and I DO really like those there. So I guess I can't dis brushed or satin nickel across the board.... but I still vote for good quality chrome bath faucets!

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I don't know if brushed nickel is a fad or not, but I agree that chrome is classic and will endure. We opted for chrome in our current master bath reno, and found that there is lots of choice. The price differential is also nice.

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What I've discovered since choosing brushed/satin nickel for my master bath remodel is that not all brushed/satin nickel is the same. Mine are brighter than a lot I've seen and don't show water spots. Some look darker and seem to get darker over time. From what I've read from others, can be pretty bad about spots. Guess I was lucky :) My Jado faucets were pretty spendy. Maybe it's a you get what you pay for thing. I dunno. Here is mine. Good luck with your decision :)

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We did chrome in master bath on current build. I originally was going to do SS or SN but loved the Delta Vero in the chrome. It was nice to save some bucks just because I liked the chrome better.

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We did both - we have a tub/shower combo in our master bath, and we have a shower curtain so you can't see the tub faucets when the curtain is spread out. I used chrome in the shower to save some money, and brushed nickel for the sink faucets to hide the water spots. We used hansgrohe products for both, and have been very happy with them.

We are getting ready to remodel another bathroom, and I'll probably do the same set up again.

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we're using chrome almost throughout. Our faucet will have brushed nickel handles but they're textured and the faucet has a lot of character so it should look fine on its own. The faucet is the Kohler Bol.

We picked chrome for much of the same reasons -- timeless, saves money -- but it also let us mix manufacturers and not worry about the finishes not matching. Chrome finishes are almost always the same, unlike satin nickel which can vary a lot between brands. So, we're able so mix Jado shower fixtures with a Danze rain shower head and towel bars, and even PB chrome light fixtures.

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We mixed products in brushed nickel from a variety of manufacturers in our shower and it looks just fine. You can't tell the difference unless you are really looking for it. That said, we did brushed nickel in our master bathroom reno and chrome for our hall bath. If I were doing it all again, I'd go with chrome everywhere. The chrome looks great, and I'd probably opt for the money savings.

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i really like the 'shine' of a polished finish...i went with polished nickel in our master bath because i wanted the warmth color wise of the nickel(our bathroom is done in warm beiges, grays, etc), but really like the shine of polished fixtures! they look gorgeous when wiped down!

i would have gone with polished chrome if i had a cooler color scheme in our bath.

i guess brushed fixtures don't show water spots as easily...our stainless faucet/appliances in the kitchen don't show water spots like polished chrome, nickel and brass do, but it is soooo simple to shine up any of the polished fixtures!!

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Another vote for chrome, it is beautiful when clean- but then really, does anything look attractive when it isn't clean? Seeing as how you will be looking at it daily, get what you like and don't be swayed by others' opinions.

A bit OT- monicakm, where did you find that cute little plug-in clock?

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We have chrome in our 1/2 bath & brushed in our master bath. They both look great and are equally hard to keep clean. That being said, go for what your budget & tastes allow. It will look beautiful which ever you choose.

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Chrome for me for all the fixtures in the new kitchen (2 sinks) and master bath. Classic and pretty.

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I seriously LOVE our new brushed nickel fixtures. A lot. So I just really think it's what YOU like.

As far as it being a fad, when we moved into our house 10 years ago, we replaced the old brass ceiling fans and lights with brushed nickel. Still in style a decade later.

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Thanks for all the advice! I pulled the trigger this morning and ordered my shower fixtures and shower doors in chrome. The cost savings will definitely help out since we've had a few unexpected expenses.

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I was reading a similar post in the kitchen forum and stainless was mentioned along with these two finishes. Someone said brushed nickel is always plated which depressed me since thats what I just put in. Is stainless even an option for bathroom fixtures? I know I could find out but I was wondering if anyone has used that in a bathroom?

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I just ordered all our masterbath fixtures in chrome, too, after realizing that I would save about $700 compared to brushed nickel. Still haven't decided if the tub will be a soaker or an air jet, but the savings on the fixtures would almost make up the price difference.

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paige-Delta offers some of their bath fixtures in SS. I'm not sure about anyone else. I haven't used them though. Chrome for me.

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We purchased Hansgrohe brushed nickel for our bathroom re-model. Very disappointed as the faucets show all water spots. Just read that Flitz cleaner works on this and will try it. Purchased Krauss brushed nickel for our 2nd bathroom remodel and any spots that do appear are simply wiped off with a cloth or sponge.

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Interesting post! I just bought my faucets for my bathroom and went with brushed nickel (I also used these in my last house when replacing polished chrome faucets). I like brushed chrome but not polished chrome, but then again a brushed chrome looks a lot like brushed nickel. Good thing they make different finishes for all the different tastes.

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