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southerngalinnycMay 18, 2012

I posted this under FAQ for dummies but its kinda specific so posting again... apolgies for the length.

Hi Mongo or any of you other kind souls...,

If you can bear one more from me I would be most grateful. I have a headache... Spent multiple hours/calls with faucet direct and they can't help me... I promise that I have been faithfully reading descriptions and many are not so well-written ... I will also likely never buy another delacora faucet again.

So here tis,

I think I need an a or b or ab valve to go with this rough in hunk of brass that goes with the Delacora tub shower faucet that I bought for another project and am trying to use for Master bath.


I am trying to pair it with an alsons handheld shower that I purchased...

I cannot find a diverter that is manufactured by either that would seem to work i.e a four port valve - and am limited by the fact that I am using polished nickel Bling.

So I am looking at throwing a third manufacturer in the mix.

Jado seems to offer the bling bling trim kit that most closely resembles the style of my Delacora faucet...

But, all the Jado 4 port diverters say "Alternates water flow between 3 discrete shower outlets" ( which I read as A, B or C. but no combination thereof... since I read discrete to mean apart or separate...


But then the following Danze says "services up to 3 shower systems" which I would read the same as above.

EXCEPT that I finally found a more detailed description on Amazon that reads "This four-port diverter lets you create a custom shower system by making it easy to operate up to three shower systems--like a showerhead or handheld shower--simultaneously. Its eight-position valve channels water to all three or any combination of systems."


So I am confused about whether that means that the Jado really would be A or B or AB functional.

And assume that I should just go with the non matching Danze - EXCEPT to further confuse me, Faucet Direct recommended a Hangrohe which I ordered and then had to cancel because Hansgrohe told FD I can't mix this four port diverter valve with the Delacora... but I have no idea why.


Maybe that it doesn't have an "off" control?

They all appear to have 1/2" valves, so if I use the 3/4" tubing and supply valves I really struggle to understand why I couldn't mix and match the rough in valve with another brand of diverter valve...

Finally, this Brizo 6-Setting, 3-Port Diverter Rough In Valve really doesn't match, but reads Diverter Features:

"Three function diverter. 2 individual positions, 1 shared position"

And even though it reads as a 3 port I swear it appears to have an inlet and 3 outlets... So could it be a contender as well? http://www.faucetdirect.com/mediabase/specifications/brizo_r60700_spec.pdf

So I guess at the end of the day can I simply go with the Jado or any of the above except the hansgrohe; or can someone help me ferret out the differences?

Many thanks in advance!


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