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party_music50August 8, 2010

Hello! It's that time of year when I get antsy waiting to hear the results of the NYS Fair judging. :O)

Some of you have said you'd like to see a slideshow of my baskets, so I worked on that last night and this morning...

Basically I fill my days with work, golfing, gardening, tossing darts, arts & crafts... one of which is basket weaving. I took up weaving (self-taught) after I saw a demonstration at the NYS Fair in 1999. In 2006 my youngest niece Julia was lost in a horrible car accident and I spent many months and hours of weaving (to get through it) and sold those baskets to make money for a Scholarship Fund in her name. In addition to traditional baskets, I wove custom requests, and also designed a signature line of baskets for Julia... you'll see some I created for her. Then I became a weaving instructor, and have been entering the Fair myself (very successfully) since 2008.

Anyway, here's a little slideshow of some of the baskets I've made: Baskets

Hope you enjoy!

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Oh my gosh, PM. They're simple beautiful. I'll never look at another basket in the same way again. I guess, even the simplest of baskets is a work of art. But yours, why yours are unbelievable! I have my fingers crossed for your latest entries. Thanks so much for sharing one of the things you do so well.

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Party Music, that is so sweet that you made a slideshow for us to be able to see your baskets.

Unfortunately, I use a 64 bit laptop and can't install Flash player on it, so I can't view the slideshow. I'll try to remember to pull this post up on DH's computer so I can see them.

I too enjoy crafts, but your baskets are way beyound "crafting", they are truly works of art and take skill and talent to create. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to win lots of "blue ribbons" at the fair. ;o)


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Thanks so much for sharing the slideshow with us. You have amazing talent at weaving and I loved seeing the variety that you make. I too will be waiting for fair results so let us know how you do.


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PM...I can't believe you are 'Self Taught'. I'm just
blown away by your natural talent!
Your baskets are magnificant.
Each one is more beautiful than the next.
I remember you said you did your own dyes too.

I'm so glad you put together this slideshow for us to see them all.
Thank you so much for showing us...Good Luck on the NYS


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WOW those are a real work of ART, I really like the pineapple! You are very talented! GOOD LUCK on the NYS judging!! tfs.

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It is easy to see why your work is award winning! Thanks for sharing with us!

I think it is wonderful that you found something that was therapeutic to you and also contributed in a positive way toward the memory of your neice.

Anyone who has one of your baskets has a true work of art!


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DITTO...to everything said above!

party...your baskets are truly "works of art"...& such a unique way to contribute your love for your neice.

Enjoyed the slide show...great pics of your art! And thought the lily leaves basket was quite unusual! Is it made with dried daylily leaves? TFS! Jeanne S.

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Just a quick note of thanks to everyone for all the nice comments!

I wrote a LONG response this morning, and when I hit the 'preview' button there was a popping noise and that was it for the computer. (I'm at work now). We'll be taking it in tonight and HOPE to get it fixed. I dread the thought of losing everything on those disks. :(

oh well, if it isn't one thing going wrong, it's always another. lol!

Have a good day! :)

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WOW those are amazing! You do the most beautiful work!
Do you ever make any to sell, or do you do all donations? I think Susan said it all..."Anyone who has one of your baskets has a true work of art!" or work of "heart!!"
Thanks so much for posting,

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Positively amazing! And so many, I can only imagine the hours you spend creating such spectacular works of art. Thanks for the slide show.

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Ditto to everything already said!
Beautiful amd very impressive work.

Good thoughts coming your way for the judging results!


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Woo-hoo!!! Crocodile tears here. 3 of the postcards are in for my State Fair entries:
Basketry - Buttocks Basket - winner
Basketry - Amish Tray - winner
Miniatures - 1/6 scale Blackberry Basket - winner
In my experience, if the card says only "winner" it's been 1st place. :O)

My other two entries are in Fiber Techniques, and they were probably judged a later day, so maybe I'll know tomorrow.

Doing an extremely happy dance here! (and I already paid my BF the $5 bet that I wouldn't do better than 4th with the Buttocks Basket. lol!)

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Congratulations on your very well deserved wins! You do beautiful work, so glad the judges agreed. ;o) Luvs

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PM, I somehow missed this post earlier, but am so glad that I just saw it! Who said, "Art with a Heart"? How right on for your baskets. They are truly pieces of art and I can easily see how they've won top prizes. What amazes me most is that you're self-taught! Weaving *any* basket, to me, seems like a very complicated feat, but weaving incredibly beautiful baskets such as yours, in those many, varied design is akin to learning how to fly upside down to me! I've really enjoyed your slideshow. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. You are truly an artist!

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Thank you, luvs and Lynn!

Let me clarify that some of these baskets are not my own original pattern! The fancy twill baskets are made from patterns in Lyn Siler's books. There are only two Basketry competitions at the Fair: original design, and commercial source (from someone else's kit or pattern). Hence, I weave those twills to wow the judges. lol!

Unfortunately, I lost my much earlier response post (computer still dead -- repairs would be $600+!)... but I would like to answer Jeanne's question: yes, the coiled daylily basket is made from my own garden leaves. :) I love to be able to use homegrown natural materials! I now have my own willow patch. lol! And, jaybird, to date I've primarily sold my baskets to donate to my niece's charity, and donate them to charities. I weave lots of gifts too. lol!

I think that I am very different from most basket weavers because I do like to work in many different styles and materials, and I do prefer to create my own patterns and designs. I like my baskets to be unique.

Thank you all again for the very kind comments!

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So happy for you.
Your work is just beautiful, and I'm glad the
judges acknowledged them with well deserved 1st Place!


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PM, so very happy for you. MT's shakin' from me doing the Happy Dance for you.


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Well now I'm in total SHOCK! The final cards are in -- both also marked "winner". It appears that all 5 of my entries took Blue Ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!

2 Basketry competitions
2 Fiber Techniques competitions
1 Miniatures (of anything) competition

All of your good wishes must have worked! This is simply amazing!

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Congrats! Your baskets are so beautiful and I am so envious of your talent. My DM took basket weaving classes before she passed away and I always intended to get her to teach me, but life got in the way and it was just not the right time then. Some day I would love to try, but I"d never be able to do anything as magificant as yours. Thanks for the slide and thanks for reminding me that I still want to try to weave a basket. You are the best,with the blue ribbons to prove it. How great that you honor your neice's memory in such a lovely way. Janet

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