ADA Compliant Dishwasher Suggestions

saphireMay 2, 2013

I have less than 33 inches of clearance. I need suggestions for SS dishwashers under 33" high. Usually the ADA ones work. We are replacing a less than 2 year old GE that has leaked into my basement 3 times and I cannot risk the damage again, so please no suggestions by GE or Frigidare

I would like to spend as little as possible. Who makes Blomberg and Summit? Those are listed as the least expensive, comments on other models welcome

We are a large family and managed ok with the GE but if there is a bigger ADA compliant dishwasher I would be interested

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Perhaps this will help:

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison Appliances - ADA compliant

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Blomberg is owned by Arçelik. Looking at the panel and the user's manual of the Summit, it looks much like a European Beko, which is a company also belonging to Arçelik. So one manufacturer for both dishwashers.

For the European market, Arçelik makes good and affordable appliances. Not sure about the items they sell in the US.


Here is a link that might be useful: Arçelik

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I own a Bosch SGE63E15UC and it is, without a doubt, the best dishwasher I've ever used. We have rock-hard water and the built-in softener makes everything come out sparkling and clear without a trace of limescale buildup. All I have to do is keep it loaded with salt and softener (both Somat), put in a tab (Quantum Powerball) and push a button and everything comes out perfectly clean first time, every time.

Two things to note though. First, most cycle times are LONG - 2-3 hours. There is an Express cycle that's one hour flat, but I prefer the longer cycles. If you're doing dishes overnight, which isn't a problem considering how quiet it is, these times won't matter.

Second, for some unknown reason our plastic ware is usually very damp when the cycle is done, no matter where we load it. Hard items like glasses, dishes, casseroles and silverware are perfectly dry but plastic is always wet. No idea why, but also not that big of deal - I just towel it off before I put it up. Could be because it has no exposed heating element like many US dishwashers do, but I view that as a feature not a drawback. You'll only melt one plastic thing on the element and stink up your whole house for days before you realize those aren't such a good design decision.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the reponses. Cavimum, I love AJ for research, its my go to site because with a small house there are always size limitations on everything I buy and they have the best information!

Alex, I love knowing where things are from so I do appreciate the link.

Mystery I am so glad you posted! The Bosch is my first choice but the salesman at the last place I visited was trying to convince me the Whirlpool was a better option for ease of service. I have no real objection to either I just thought the Whirlpool was not attractive (top is black and body is silver, WHY?!) and you walk right into the dishwasher when you come into my kitchen. My beautiful but oh so leaky GE was completely flat in front, buttons were not visible.

The other choice was an Asko (no delay which I need) and someone told me their wife and son each hated theirs! So I thought I was set on the Bosch until the last store. Did you have any trouble installing? The Whirlpool salesman said something about that they sometimes have to charge extra for installing the Europeon brands. I have an old house so always get leery. I am ok with the long cycles (how can something be MORE energy efficient if it takes longer to do something?!) and the plastic thing, thanks for warning me, it would have annoyed me if I did not know in advance

I try never to run dishwashers or dryers at night. Years ago, in the middle of the day my parents had flames come shooting out of their American made (Circa 1980) dishwasher. It was about 14 years old and they replaced it with the same brand! So I guess it did not bother them too much, ever since then I try not to run that stuff at night

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Mystery, do you use Rinse Aid?

I do not and would not in the future but someone suggested you have to with Europeon DWs because there is no heated dryer. Is that true for yours? Does it have heated dry? I tried to look at the control panel online but could not get a clear picture


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Plastics don't dry because they don't retain heat. The thicker the item (Tupperware, for example), the better it'll dry. Also, Teflon tends to not dry too well.

This is what you can expect if you open the door immediately after the cycle is done. Leaving the door cracked open for ten minutes makes all the difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: My dishwasher

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The only difficulty I can think for installation is that the Bosch has sort of a "combi-hose" attachment that includes the water line and drain line, and IIRC has a part at the end that is pretty big. So there might be some hole-widening required if you only have space for skinny water and drain lines. Maybe that's what they are talking about?

Anyway, I use Somat rinse-aid:

and Somat salt:

The rinse-aid is in a much larger bottle than it looks like and lasts several months, and I like it because it seems to work well and doesn't have any distinctive smell or taste. The salt just seems like the best buy for dishwasher salt and again, its a name brand that's designed for what I use it for.

Hope that helps!

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