Question about covered group mailboxes

popedaApril 9, 2012

It is more and more common in subdivisions to have group mailboxes somewhere up front rather than an individual mail box at each home. Do you have this set up?

We hope to build in the next few months in such a subdivision. The group mailboxes have been there for several years. My husband is on the board and has been assigned the task of making a plan for a cover over the mailboxes. This would provide some shade as well as rain cover for people getting out of cars and accessing their mailbox.

Since people have trouble visualizing from drawings, we would LOVE it if someone or several of you could provide a picture of what the protection over your mailboxes looks like.

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We have individual mailboxes in our gated, but from now on they are only doing group. The gated next to ours has a simple structure with a roof held up by posts/columns at each corner. It has a hip roof. The back of the mailboxes face the main road, so there is a wall between the posts.

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