Dishwasher Recommendations??

franksharonriMay 11, 2012

We are looking for a new dishwasher for our new kitchen. It is confusing! I am looking for one that is quiet and cleans the dishes. Nothing fancy just normal and pot wash cycles. My budget is around $500.

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I can't speak from experience but have the special Consumer Report Kitchen edition from July 2012. The Whirlpool Gold GU2300XTV[Q] is listed as recommended and a best buy. They have it ranked #9 out of 71 that they tested. The price is listed as $500. Also they list Whirlpool as the most reliable - tied at 8% with Bosch.

Hope this helps.

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FWIW.....I've had successive Whirlpool Golds at two locations for more than twenty years. They've all been good, including present 1-year-old and 13-year-old units presently in service.

However, for $500.00, "quiet" may be problem. Might want to pay special attention to that. The one-year machine is a 51db unit that I regard as quite acceptable noise-wise. It replaced previous new machine that was 59db and unacceptable that my dealer traded out for free except cost-difference of the models. I quite willingly ponied up the extra 150 or so for the upscale unit. Quieter always costs more with any brand.

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Miele Dishwashers are Quit. Kitchen aid are very nice , even LG dishwasher stainless steel inside and out runs around 650 to 700. my Best Advice would be to make sure it has a stainless steel inside.More sanitary and dry much faster. good luck

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Bosch, all the way!

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You might be able to buy a quieter model for the same price if you can find a floor model or if you live near a Sears outlet and don't mind a scratch or dent.

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We have a FRIGIDAIRE- Model FPHD2491KF installed about 2 months now and are happy with it. With rebates, it is within your budget and It is advertised as "quietest in its class"

Good luck

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I bought a Kitchenaid model KUDE20ixss2 on sale at Lowes last year for a little over $600. It is very quiet.

The link below gives decibel ratings of dishwashers.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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