Leaking GE Dishwasher, Anyone Else?

saphireMay 2, 2013

I bought a GE model GLDT696SS in October 2011. It has leaked 3 times into my FINISHED basement, it fills and then the water leaks right out, buckets of water. I had it fixed 2x under warranty and then earlier this week if leaked again. According to the service guy this is a bad clamp under the machine or something that keep coming loose.

I called GE and they would sell me a newer version for $400 (really! that machine is under 600 new!). Other than that they would not fix it without my paying for labor (the part is a clamp, nothing) and then it is a 30 day warranty on the labor! As for covering the cost of the damage, they gave me a number for their insurance division!

I am sure my repair person can fix it, until the next time the clamp comes loose, I simply cannot afford the structural damage again! Is there a permanent solution? The machine is fine otherwise

Question, has this happened to anyone else? Is it this model or do they all have this problem?

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My old one leaked...the one that was in my home when we moved in. It was a slow leak and discovered when we put in our 'just as crapy' frigedaire that we brought along from our last home. A slow leak that had completely rotted the floor under and below, no hint of basement flood but just as bad. Difficult to trust a dishwasher after that, so i understand. I was so bummed and terrified of future leaks that i put a pond liner under the dishwasher so i would be aware of any future leaks...it would expose any water on my kitchen floor and alert me, lol. Horrible feeling to not trust an appliance. (it was a bit redneck solution but kept me at ease) Some friends put a washer/dryer on their 3rd floor brownstone and did not put a drain pan underneath that will drain to the basement just in case. Whoopsie.
Disaster. I've not heard of a dishwasher drain pan but if any water needy appliance is on an upper floor, drain pans are available. -similar to a shower pan with a drain. My basement has flooded twice in our 5 yrs here and it is not fun! (hot water heater and once a bad storm)
Sorry for your issues. Not acceptable. You might have a back-flush issue? Or put in a drain that empties into a downstairs resivoir that gives you some security.

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Thanks. I have thought I putting a rubber mat under the dishwasher. Do you think this is a fire hazard?

It is not a back flush issue. I only happens when the clamp for the drain hole? comes loose. The rest of the time the dishwasher is fine although I have wondered if it does some minor leaking the rest of the time as our spider population has increased around the dishwasher which makes me wonder if there are more bugs which would primarily be from water leaking!

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This is not a GE product. GE bought this type of dishwasher from some Chinese? company that sells this machine all around the world under many different names. I had one of these things in my kitchen (with a different set of features such as a different door, different racks and no exposed heating element) and it was awful. However, since you said your "GE" performed just fine, I assume GE picked better features/cycles for your model than those that were chosen for the one I had.

Anyway, this is not a GE-made product. Just wanted to let you know.


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Thanks Alex but as far as I am concerned if GE puts its name on it and sells it, then GE is responsible for it. It is still selling this dishwasher as a GE and therefore it is a GE product.

While I appreciate your input, the reality is that I should not have to have a degree in corporate mergers and aquisitions or track down the parts supplier in the far east to get a decent dishwasher, especially a relatively new one

It turns out I bought this with Visa so I contacted them as part of their extended warranty. We will see how that turns out

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Oh, absolutely. GE is responsible for the dishwasher. Just saying, this is not GE engineering. Should you ever come across a great deal on a GE dishwasher, for example, and you would have gone for it - don't think of the "quality" of your current dishwasher to make your purchase decision.

I keep my fingers crossed. And, you can put a rubber mat under the dishwasher if you want to. Just make sure to have it stay away from wires etc...

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How would I know if it was or was not a true GE dishwasher?!

In fact, if GE does agree to replace it which I doubt, are these dishwashers still the chinese made ones? I do love how this dishwasher looks, cleans ok. The small racks are fine, I find with all the plate racks more plates in than with my 1995 Maytag, its just the 3 leaks that are a bit of a problem for obvious reasons! I would think the drain hote is still positioned the same way and the clamp still clamps on the same way so a new one would leak too?!

Also trying to get VISA to repair it since it is under the additional year of extended warranty they provide for free. Waiting to hear

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I *think* all GE dishwashers have a plastic spray arm in the bottom. I was just looking at TOL down to BOL and they all had them - unless your model. Maybe someone can seal it with silicone or something...

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