Drying/Cleaning Sand in Sandbox

Erin24October 25, 2005

I was just out back cleaning up our yard for the fall -- we've had a stretch of colder/rainy weather before this, and I saw the kids left the lid off their sandbox, and it was a virtual swamp. Is there something I can add to it to quicken the drying time and/or something I could put in it to help "clean" the sand? I know this is a longshot -- the top is off, but I don't think the sun is strong enough this time of year to do its job. TIA

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It would be good to spread the sand out if possible maybe on a tarp of some kind. Or maybe you could put some in the lid and leave the rest in the sandbox. I'd cover it at night to avoid nighttime moisture collecting on it. (Also keep cats out.) Of course I don't know your weather and how sunny or dry it is during the day. Also, I'd keep turning it with a shovel some tool. Otherwise, toss it in the garden and replace it when it's time.

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Because of that I never had a sandbox with a "floor"...just sides and the rain just drained away.
I would think that sand will be moldy and musty, unless is is very new and would sprinkle it on the gardens and get new for the kids to play in.....and punch holes in the bottom of that sand box!
Linda c

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I don't think that it's really possible to clean the sand itself, once it's 'swampy'. I wouldn't trust it as a place for the kids to play in anyway. Too much potential fungal growth.

I'd dump the sand in some obscure garden area, clean the thing out with lots of soapy water, dry it and put it away for spring if this were me.

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