Duravit Tubs Blue Moon Pool?

panchoandleftyMay 10, 2012

Anyone out there familiar with Duravit's tubs?

We are looking at the Blue Moon Pool with the Combination air and whirl system. It is expensive, but we hope some costs may be offset by a lower installation cost. It comes with a modular deck/surround and is the same size as the (sunken) whirlpool it will replace.

It has all the features we want, including my husband's desire for a "tub that doesn't look like a tub." Our home is contemporary, the look of the tub fits the design-- but Duravit isn't a high-selling brand in Tulsa. Not only are there no displays, local salespeople are not very familiar with the line.



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I don't know anything about that particular one, but we have a similarly enormous tub (the V & A Sorrento) and I think you'll need a hot water heater that is essentially dedicated to the tub for this (we have one only for our master bath, since the tub is so huge...but it's an on-demand.)

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Sorrento is my favorite but my husband wants a whirltub. He vetoed an air-tub system, so here we are.

Our current tub has a similar volume, so we should be OK. We only use the tub as a spa feature- not for everyday bathing.

The volume to the rim is 137 gallons, but I think the effective "normal fill" would be considerably less.

Anyone have experience with ANY Duravit whirltub?

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Bumping. Still hoping to find someone (anyone) who has seen or knows anything about this tub.

We are strongly considering it. The Blue Moon remains my husband's favorite, but our local retailers now little to nothing about Duravit (Tulsa is Kohler country) and Duravit's customer service doesn't seem super-helpful. I may need to just call the NYC showroom and hope they can answer some questions.

I'd be happy to travel to Texas or Missouri if I could find one in a showroom.

My husband strongly prefers a whirl tub (as opposed to air jets) and also wants some depth. It is a beautiful design, but I'd sure like to hear from someone who has seen one in action.

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There's a Duravit retailer near me that I need to visit in the next few days. I don't recall seeing the Blue Moon on display, but their stuff is generally first rate.

The 1400mm versions (barely over 4 1/2 feet) wouldn't seem long enough to stretch out. The 1800mm (almost 6 feet) OTOH I could float in.

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I don't think we really are much for stretching out and floating. The 55" round tub is the same basic size as our existing Japanese soaker style whirl tub ( 27" deep and fully recessed)

The Blue Moon is 22" (to overflow) so it is deeper than a standard tub, which DH wants. We both prefer more upright seating.

We don't really use the tub for daily baths- it is more of a spa feature used after the sauna and steam.

I'm just curious about how the Blue Moon actually works and if anyone knows much about the quality of Duravit whirlpools. They win all sorts of applause for design, but I never hear if the baths are as loved by homeowners as they are by interior decorators, you know.

I have a couple of odd questions. While my husband uses the whirl features, I often use our existing tub more as a soaker, often with bubble bath or something. I sometimes crave quiet over massage.

We are thinking about getting the combi (air+whirl) tub... it has 24 air jets in the floor. I'm wondering if it is uncomfortable to sit on the jets, if they are not in use... They seem to have small nozzles, not just holes like some air tubs. That sort of stuff. I'm just curious about quirks.

Thanks for thinking about it! I talked to Duravit and the only showroom near me (6 hours away!) that has a Blue Moon is in Austin, TX... and they only have the larger, outdoor version.

If anyone knows anything about ANY Duravit tub system, please chime in!


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