No backsplash? Frameless mirror?

telly1010May 10, 2013

We're in the midst of major master bath redo. One wall has vanities, including two end units the are 6" higher than rest, with wood tops. Rest will have dark quartz on them. Two sinks, and we're seriously thinking of no backsplash. Contractor has put waterproof Sheetrock ( don't know technical term) behind sink area. Any comments on not having a backsplash?

We are also thinking of putting frameless mirror(s) w/ beveled edges, possibly from top of lower vanities to ceiling. They would reflect big windows with farm outside, and our thinking is that it would make the room feel bigger and taller (only 8' ceiling). Obviously, we are going for a modern look.

Any comments on either the no backsplash issue and/or frameless mirrors would be greatly appreciated. I used you extensively (obsessively?) during my kitchen redo 6 years ago, and still get compliments on it. I do value your comments!

Thanks much

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My new powder room vanity did not come with a backsplash. But I know I won't be careful if the wall when cleaning, and I know eventually water will get down there. So I am having a piece of glass cut into a short, curved backsplash and frosted. GC is getting it from an auto place he gets a lot of glass from, and it will be about $40 for a 25 inch piece. That might fit in with your modern look.

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I wonder if the mirror would act as the curved piece of glass will. Is it a slight curve just at the top? Hard to visualize.

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The curve is decorative on the top, it would be flush with the cabinet top and caulked.

Mirror would act the same, but I was confused by the bevel. Would have to be straight bottom I think to help, and it would reflect the caulk.

You could consider frosted glass on top and bottom with the mirror on most of the wall, maybe tie in with a shelf or two? Hard to visualize.

Or maybe 6 in of glass or tile, then the mirror could go accross the whole vanity including the raised part?

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No bevel at the bottom, but suppose even clear caulk could be an issue. Anyone out there go without a backsplash? I do see pictures of it, but real experience is definitely better than a picture!

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I don't know the answer but we're trying to re-create this bathroom so we would have the same issue.

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I love my tall mirrored medicine cabinets - 37 inches tall but didn't think about the need to reach high to wipe/clean. Guess this doesn't need to be done as frequently as the bottom part of the mirror, but still in our next bath remodel, I'm getting cabinets that aren't so tall. I have to get on a step ladder to clean now.

As far as the backsplash, I've seen many on without a backsplash. I like the look. What about using some vinyl/waterproof wall paper of a neutral pattern?

Also, regarding the mirror being installed low, ours got water between the glass and the silver. Takes as much to repair as it did to buy the thing and it was an expensive medicine cabinet. I've learned from the glass people that there is a spray you can use to keep water from working it's way into the silver and messing it up on a frameless mirror. I think I just got a bad cabinet. I suspect most cabinets come already sprayed around the edges but can't hurt to ask.

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I don't think lack of backsplash is an issue, just make sure wall has an extra coat or two of a good bathroom quality paint like Benjamin Moore Aura. I wouldn't put mirror down to the bottom just because of cleaning, splashing issues. Hadn't even thought of the silvering damage issue elphaba mentioned! Yikes!

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I am also wondering about no backsplash for our hallway bath (for the kid and very occasionally guest). It has a small 24x22 vanity with a porcelain sink top and comes with no backsplash. I am really having a hard time finding a good way to add backsplash without spending a lot of money tiling all the way up to the ceiling.

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I personally prefer the look of a painted wall without a backsplash. I've had this in a few kitchens and baths over the years and as long as the paint is kept up (repaint every few years) it holds up just fine. I don't like glossy paint so I use Benjamin Moore in an Eggshell finish with no problems washing it off when needed.

For mirrors, it's true, the water will get in behind the mirror eventually, so keep that sealed and dry.

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