OT Jim or anyone...ignore the other post

PurplemoonAugust 23, 2011

A Spammer not only commented on the post where I asked Jim how he's doing, but the Spammer also sent his stuff to me via my email.


So Jim, if you answer, please do it here!

hugs, Karen

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Ok, how do we get this to drop off the front page? I'm sick of looking at it. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Well Karen, you'll have to endure it a little longer. LOL

I'm doing okay--summer doldrums and I'm quite really boring at this moment so I've been lying low and not feeling like I have much to offer.

The cats are on my feces list - I think it was Cookie who broke one of my mercury glass jars in my DR going after a fly, and one broke a pane of glass in one of the shadow boxes on my coffee table. Grrrrr......


Here's something I came across and thought was inspirational.

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Wooo Hooo....hi Jim! I'll gladly 'endure' to get you to post. LOL. That inspiration photo is gorgeous!! I'll have to add it to our Misc album.

Having 'teenage' cats is a challenge and a PITA. Jazz aka Trouble about did me in, I can't imagine having more than
one like him. I am soooo sorry about the broken things. Especially the lovely mercury glass jar. I think you need a "cat room" just for them! Filled with boxes for fun, plastic stuff to NOT break, etc. I often thought Jazz should be in solitary confinement, LOL.

I'll match my boring summer to yours! ;o) When Phoenix gets a Heatwave in Aug...you just know that is not good news!! We had 117 on Sat, otherwise its been 115. I don't even want to step out the door to get the mail.

I hope cooler weather, and the cats, let you enjoy decorating this Fall. Or at least maybe pop in here with more of your wonderful inspiration pictures you find us.
Its wonderful to hear from you.

hugs, Karen

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Wow...that collection is very inspirational & I love, love the cabinet & the greenery arrangements on top! Thanks, Jim & PM for posting. Jeanne s.

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How beautiful, it must have taken years collecting all that silver and countless hours keeping it polished.
TFS, Jim

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Good for you Karen, you got Jim out of "lurkdom" and it's not even Christmas yet! LOL Jim, you always find wonderful pics to share with us. You can come chat or comment on what we are doing even if you are not feeling creative--I seem to be doing allot of that myself this summer! Sorry about your broken items, those kitties do like to get on every surface don't they? Luvs

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