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PurplemoonAugust 22, 2012

Hi Gang. Sorry to be missing so long, and am behind in seeing posts and commenting. I'll try to catch up soon.

After procrastinating for over a YEAR, I finally did something about the carpet and laminate wood in my house!!

It was 13 yrs old, so carpet pretty worn, and I hated the color of the laminate too. The main reason I've been so reluctant to do this is ALL my STUFF. Lots and lots of it, as most of you know from photos. I have 12 china cabinets and well over 300 statues of whippets/greyhounds, and rabbits. Then there's my 130 Painted Pony figurines. Not to mention lots of misc other things. It was overwhelming to think of moving it ALL. And physically I'm not really able to tackle something like this with the Fibromyalgia being so crippling these days. My DH wouldn't help, he's sort of a "its your idea, your problem" guy...do what I want but leave him out of it. Big Sigh from me about this. Also most flooring companies won't move furniture, or contract it out and you have to pay extra for it. Neither DH nor I can move it ourselves any more, thanks to bad backs. But I finally made the call to get an estimate and information. Express Flooring, I LOVE you guys!!

Not only did I hit a fantastic sale and saved several thousand dollars, I got free installion and free furniture moving! PLUS because of my problems with clearing out all my little stuff, they offered to do the flooring in THREE installments at no extra charge. So two weeks ago they did the laminate wood in the entry and hall. Last Thurs they did living-room and 2 back bedrooms. (300 statues in china cabinets in those rooms!) Today they did the carpet in the master bedroom and family-room, where the Painted Pony huge china cabinet resides along with 3 other curios. They were fanatastic to work with and I couldn't be happier.(I could hurt a LOT less but I couldn't be happier, LOL) Tomorrow I'll have all the stuff back in place in these last 2 rooms and can sit back and enjoy my new carpet and flooring! The ONLY reason I was able to get thru all this is because my dear, wonderful BF helped me with everything!! She did so much packing, walking to and from garage, lifting 'n toting, and kept us both laughing and having a good time while we were doing all this work. I still managed to overdo, as I can't sit back and not pitch in, tho she tried to make me a few times. LOL.

Anyway, here's a few photos to start with...will get more soon. And get back to regular posting soon!!

NANA, thank you for the post thinking of me. Sending you a big ol' heart-hug!

hugs to all, Karen

The entry way Before and After. The old flooring in it, and down the hall, was a golden oak color which I've hated the entire 8 yrs we've lived here. I like darker wood. And the boards on the old were the skinny 3" wide ones. The new flooring boards are 7" wide, and its a rich ash shade. The front door is directly across from the sideboard, the old blah-beige carpet you see is what was thru-out the house. (That is the step down into the living-room it is on in the photo.)

Close-up of old vs new laminate flooring just before they started the switch.

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Karen, so good to have you back. You were missed!!
The new flooring looks beautiful
It is wonderful that your BF could help you moving everything.
When it is all finished I bet you will feel like you are living in a new house!

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Beautiful choice, Karen! Your entry looks awesome! Always love the framed works of the whippets & your statues. What a HUGE project ... but so well worth it (in the end) ...sounds like 'soon' you will be sitting back & ooo-ing & ahhh-ing. Miss you! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...I know you are as HAPPY as a pup with two tails that the moving is over and your new flooring is almost finished as well! Everything is looking great and I know you'll be glad to be completely finished so you can enjoy it....and recover from all of the work!

We've missed you, but totally understand how reno projects are completely encompassing!

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Well, we sure missed your input, but can see that you are going to be one happy camper!!!
I love the new flooring and can't wait to see new pictures when you get a chance.
I totally know what you mean about "your project, your problem." Sometimes I think our DH's might be related as much as I feel like you and I are related, LOL.

Glad to hear you found a company that worked with you and could accomodate your needs.


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Karen, it's wonderful to hear from you. Flooring is looking great. Hope you can get a little R & R after finishing your last two rooms tomorrow. Looks like I'm coming in last on reflooring! Still not sure what I want. I only have 9 that need cleaned out and moved.

This using BF for short was interesting tonight. I was like really she just said her BF (boyfriend) helped? What?&^%Y* Whew...when I read SHE did so much! I was beginning to think just when you think you know someone...maybe NOT!ROTFLMBO

So happy for you DF.


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Karen, so happy that you are on the finallap of getting your floors done. I know this must be a great feeling for you. My fibro is in a flare right now, and I really don't know how you managed to pull this off. I needed to work up my corn today, but just couldn't do it... maybe tomorrow. I really like the choices of flooring that you made; you will be happy with them. Punk, you are so funny. Bf (boyfriend) is just one example of things that have more than one meaning..DD Dear Daughter? Dear Dad? Dear Friend?..Dear Family? Dear Dog?
dear Dumb@#& (that would be me)

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I cracked up, Punk, over the boyfriend thing....I totally spaced out and forgot that is what BF usually means. I should have typed in BFF (best friend forever). I had always mentioned my Dad by the full word cause DD meant dear daughter in my little nerd world. I easily get confused with the abbreviations myself. By the way, my 'other best friend' IS a guy...tho definitely not a boyfriend LOL. John has been my antiquing and dog show buddy for quite a few years, does the driving for me which is a huge help. Maybe I should refer to him as Dear John.
LOL. He couldn't help us cause of his work schedule, but Mollie is a little dynamo! We had this placed all done by noon today and could enjoy lunch and relaxing a couple of hours after our work. More in another post with pix about today, and more pix.

Janet, I'm so sorry you are in a Flare. Those things just can knock you flat on your butt and make it impossible to do much of anything. Take care of yourself, please. Oh, and you cracked me up too with your "dear dumb" sig. Too funny. That shoe can really fit me at times too. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Karen, your new floors are beautiful. I love the dark wood. I am glad you were able to get it done.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and got to laugh a little, too. I recently weaned myself off some of my meds (not any important ones) and it gets a little rough sometimes, but your post and the comments have made me feel better for a while. Thanks so much for sharing.


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Marylee, good to see you post. I'm glad you got a laugh, those are always the 'best' medicine at times. I hope you are doing ok, continued prayers coming your way.

Candy, I am positive your DH and mine were twin brothers in another life!! Scary huh? LOL

hugs, Karen

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