Shower remodel, Swanstone and Kerdi Products

LLongMay 5, 2014


I'm remodeling my master bathroom and have some questions on different shower products. We are converting a bathtub into a shower and want to add a bench. This is a 60"x32" space. The walls will have ceramic tile, but I didn't want tile on the floor. Instead, I was going to order a Swanstone shower pan. We would like to also have a bench and niche that would be tiled. For this I was looking at the Schulter Kerdi products. My question is, do all these products work together? Can a Swanstone pan be easily used with tile on the wall? The Schulter Kerdi products all say they work with the "Schulter Shower System". Do they work well on their own? The pan I'm looking at is 48"x32", and the bench is 11.5"x32".

Thanks in advance for any help or insight!

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We have a Swanstone pan with tiled walls. We have a tiled bench and shelf. Did not use Schulter Kerdi products.

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Yes, that will work. Think of your shower pan as a shallow bathtub. You're then just tiling the surround. Make sure you waterproof properly the joint where the wall meets the pan. The john bridge forum has great advice about tiling and waterproofing.

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Thanks! Any different recommendations on benches? The Schulter Kerdi one is what I found that fit my dimensions, but I'm open to other products if you have any recommendations.

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I have never used Kerdi products, but from what I've read in my research, there should be absolutely no problem using a Swanstone base in combination with them.

I just have a question for you regarding your tiled bench. Have you sat on/tried a bench that is only 11.5" deep? I have a teak bench that is 12" deep and I just went and butted it up to my tile wall to see what that would feel like. It was quite uncomfortable for me, My back hit the tiled wall and the bench cut into my upper thighs. Now I know I have a big ...., but I would suggest you try it for yourself. I really like the flexibility of having a separate bench. I have used it outside the shower in front of my vanity, and I found I liked to move it more forward in the shower for shaving my legs. Just a thought...

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I agree with raehelen about the built-in bench. What will you use it for? We had one in our previous home and never used it for anything other than propping up a leg for washing or shaving - it just wasn't very comfortable. (And for leg shaving, you don't need a bench, just a little ledge).

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Thanks for the info Raehelen. I would have liked to have a larger bench, but it causes the shower pan to be an off size that I would have to have specially made. The pans go from 48"x32' to 32"x32" and that is just too small. I was thinking the "bench" would be more for holding things and resting my foot on when I shave than actual sitting.

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We have a corner seat and I use it mostly for foot washing and shaving. I would not be without it!

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instead of a corner bench (which our old shower had) we had a small shaving niche built in the new shower! perfect for holding your foot when you shave, takes up less room for sure!!

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I would go with a 48" x 32" Onyx shower pan with an offset drain (so you dont have to re-locate after removing your existing tub). And then go with a 'flanged' shower bench seat. Framing goes under the seat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Onyx shower pan

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