black junk coming out of jets on tub

dxcspilkOctober 28, 2008

I blasted my jets on my tub with my steamer and ever since I have had black junk coming out of my jets! I imagine I loosend the grime and expected it to clear up. I have filled up my tub and run the jets no less than 20 times and still get TONS of the crap! I don't know how to get rid of it. I have tried letting the jets run for hours to get it all out, no luck. I have filled the tub, ran the jets for a few second to blow out the stuff, drained the tub, repeat, over and over. I STILL get a ton of it every time.

It has been months since I have been able to use my tub! Can anyone give me any ideas on how to clear this up?

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ICK! What are you using in the tub for the cleaning process?

When I had a whirlpool, I used a solution I found on the internet to make my own cleaning solution - but I wasn't experiencing the problems you are having. I have seen products sold for this purpose, such as this one linked below - can't vouch for it, as I have never used it.

You might take a look at the manufacturer's website and see what they suggest.

Once you get the tub cleaned out, you may want to think about adding an in-line filter to the water going into the whirlpool. That black stuff could be mineral deposits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sani Bath

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dscxpilk, email me; I have your solution.

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Why can't you post it here so that we can all benefit from your knowledge?

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Because it's a product that I sell.

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You need to look at your manual and follow their instructions on cleaning the jets. I do our tub every couple months with a low foam dishwasher fluid, filling tub, running with jets open then closed per manual. You will eliminate the mold right worries.

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I've only had my jet tub for about a year but their recommendation was to use about 2 TBS of dishwashing granules and 1/2 C bleach into a full hot tub. Run for 20 minutes, empty, fill with clean water and run again. This process is supposed to be done every month. So far no problems although I will admit that I use more bleach than called for.

The good news is that you've found it. I'm sure it's horrible to know it's in there. Keep us posted.

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"I blasted my tub jets with my steamer", maybe you damaged the rubber O-rings? Just a thought!

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I was wondering about rubber parts also. What kind of gunk are you talking about? Just dirty stuff or something else?

I've heard running pool cleaner through works really well.

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It is black flakes, like flaked off skin but black. Sorry, I don't know hwo to explain it better. It is not rubber. I have tried dishwasher detergent, bleach, vinegar, currently trying about 3 cups of 409. I will keep you posted.

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I ran into this problem today actually.. what I found out to get rid of all that black gunk out of the jets is to take off the filter cover. Yes, take off the filter cover (it should be attached with a screw.) So take that off, then just clean it out. You will be amazed on how much gunk is actually stuck in there. Then run the tub with the bleach, or whatever solution you're using with the filter off.. once done, replace the filter, run some water through the tub again, and that should solve the problem.


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