Has anyone used a Nilfisk brand vacuum?

cryptandrusOctober 24, 2009

My 13-year old Hoover canister vac is nearing its last days, and I'm working on figuring out what to replace it with.

I want a well-made and long-lasting canister vac that cleans hardwood floors well, isn't too heavy or awkward to use, and has reasonably low emissions.

We were considering a Miele until I saw a Nilfisk... it was at an art museum, in a art conservator's lab. I know I've seen them around before, but only in commercial settings.

Has anyone owned one/used a Nilfisk vac?

I'd love to hear what you liked/disliked about it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Nilfisk USA

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The Nilfisk is an excellent vacuum cleaner if filtration is a high priority. That statement is true for certain models of Nilfisk. These vacuum cleaners are used in environments like clean rooms and clean-up of hazardous dry debris.

I do not know which model you were interested in. The familiar GM80 model is very expensive. There is also the Familiy Vac that is cheaper.

If you just have floors, you will be fine. Now, if you have carpeting, you will want to purchase a model that accepts a power nozzle. The power nozzle kit is also an extra cost.

Do you know the cost for bags and filters? They will be expensive, especially if you have to change the bag often. The plus side is that Nilfisk bags are somewhat big.

Do not rule out other brands, because there are some good-quality vacuum cleaners out there. Your Hoover has done very well for you. Having a Hoover for 13yrs. is pretty good nowadays. Things do not last forever anymore.

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