Central Vacuums

needinfo2October 28, 2006

Well, after a month of searching, I have narrowed down the purchase of a central vacuum to:

Cana-Vac 399Q

Eureka CV3291D

Drain Vac AC2630C

I have found local dealers for each of them and the price is similar with a good electric head. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about any of them. Any info would be a great help.


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I have one and love it. It isn't as strong as my Dyson though.
Go to the appliances forum and they can give you all kinds of information.

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You need to look at a VacuFlo. I looked at many different models from all different brands before buying mine. I have the 566Q and it is the best vacuum I have ever had, and I have had them all! You need a bagless cyclonic system like the VacuFlo. A bag clogs with in the first use, a Vacuflo is more like a central Dyson. They have no filters since they are exhausted outside and never loose power. 100% power all the time, whether the dirt bin is empty or almost full. A bagged system will loose power right away and that will defeat the purpose of investing in a central vacuum. Look at the Lindhaus powernozzle, I have a Hayden/Centec with mine and its good but doesnt lower itself down far enough to reach the professional style beber rug we have in our basement.
Good Luck!

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It wasn't on your list, but I second Steve's recommendation of a VacuFlo . . . love mine!

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Hello needinfo2,

After a lot of research on the Appliances Forum & other sources, I also bought a SilentMaster by MD, & purchased a Lindhaus powernozzle with it, & a 3-ft hose. I also bought the hose sock to protect woodwork that the hose might drag against.

The system was retrofitted into our 75-year old house three years ago, with 3 outlets plus a "dustpan" outlet in the kitchen (for a 1,950 sf house).

I LOVE this central vacuuum & have no reservations about recommending it. There have been no clogs, no loss of power, & I preferred a "bag" system so there is not lint hanging all over the basement area. A handy thing is that MD sends quarterly email reminders to empty the bag (which is easy to do). Bags can be ordered from MD online & mailed, so I don't even have to go to the distributor.

The only thing I might change is not getting the "dust pan" outlet because it's noisy.

I'm sure you will be pleased when you have yours.

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