clean dry erase marker off floor & fridge

kbuelterOctober 25, 2007


My lovely 3 year old wrote with RED dry erase marker all over my refrigerator and linoleum floor... any tips to remove it?

thanks so much!


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Go to the store and buy a good laundry stain pre-treatment like Shout. The king that comes in a tube and you rub into the stain. You might also try nail polish remover.

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A cotten ball and rubbing alcohol.

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hair spray with alcohol (buy a cheap can like white rain), or rubbing alcohol as posted above. If you have WD40 handy, you might want to give that a try too.

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Try original Windex to remove the stain. That is what I use to clean white boards that have dry eraser marks left on them.

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Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have found these work great on many things!

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I know the original question is from a long time ago, but I just ran into the same problem. I found a solution, I took nail polish remover, and it instantly came off my fridge! If regular nail polish remover doesn't work, use pure acetone polish remover, I even removed permanent marker from surfaces with that. You can get it at Sally's Beauty.
Also, the dry and erase marker on my fridge was JUST put on so it may have helped, but on another forum I seen that if you use Mr.Clean Dry Eraser and soak it in nail polish remover it'll come right off.
Hope this helps anyone else freaking out! I know I was, the fridge is just over a week old.

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jannie was right, we used a tide to go pen on a dry erase fridge and it came off well. Put some on a paper towel and it works best

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If other methods fail, try nail polish remover. But test it first in an inconspicuous spot. Good luck.

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