How does one clean if 'yellow leave it mellow' is practiced?

albert_135October 6, 2010

How do people clean if If it�s yellow leave it mellow is practiced?

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Flush the toilet and clean it.

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My sister and cousin both have well water. Follow advice above.

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Whatever you do DO NOT use a bleach based cleaner. The ammonia that naturally in urine will combine with the bleach in the cleaner and can cause toxic fumes. These will very in toxicity from irritating respiratory passages (and leading to infections) to causing vomiting.

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Flush, then dump in 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 table spoons of baking soda, let is sit for 20 minutes, bush, flush.

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Sorry, that's just gross. Get a water saving toilet and flush after each use. I can see not flushing only if on well water during a long drought and not more than 3 uses. Otherwise, flush please, disinfect & scrub please then (if you must, plant more trees.)

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