kinda summer beach decor

PurplemoonAugust 26, 2012

I decorated with my seashell stuff mid-July, but forgot to take photos and share here. ;o) Better late than never.

on the vintage teacart in the family-room

the big clam shell bowl on the dining table (in front of bay window). I'd found this neat bowl at a little

thrift shop during last winter.

Found this seashell swag thing at Michaels, discounted big as they were already stocking their Fall stuff in July. It was 60% off. I bought the wood letters spelling SEA and painted them blue, then added to bottom of the swag. Then hung it in the bay window.

just sort of stuck a bunch of stuff in the bay window, LOL.

I saw the idea on the Web for gluing shells on a large wood letter S (or on letters spelling SEA, but I didn't have that much patience. haha) I bought a bag of small pretty shells on sale at Michaels, added a few "pearls" from my craft stash, and a real shark's tooth is in the middle of the S. My late grandfather gave me it when I was little girl. He'd found some on a beach when they vacationed in FL. back in the 50's! The tall coral thing on the rgt is the lower part of that neat candleholder I found at the antique mall several months ago.

Full view of the family-room mantel. The tall jar on the rgt has a dried feathery bamboo stalk in it, a sand dollar,

and a few shells on sand.

I can hardly wait to get my Fall stuff out next!! I LOVE the colors and how they make me feel. We don't have Fall in Phx, and we have 100+ heat till Halloween, so the ONLY way I get Fall is to do it myself. And on the calendar's first day of Fall, my house is getting decorated!! I'll tweak it a bit for Halloween for about 2 wks, then pull out the turkey decor to add to it. By starting the end of Sept with my fall things, I get to enjoy a lot longer than if I wait till after Halloween!

hugs, Karen

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I tried to take pix of the shelves in my curio, but most didn't turn due to flash, glass, lgt from bay window.
Anyway, here's a couple. The little seahorses on the top are S&P shakers, the dolphin is purple marble that I found on eBay. Also found the purple starfish there last year, got a small bag of 8 of them. I saw a craft online thing to put shells in a little box frame, so did that idea.

The stone shell plaque was a GW find and also the shell basket, the seagulls are from Dollar Tree, and the little painting was done by one of my young grandson's. It was a school project, and he gave it to me afterwards.

One of the new Trail of Painted Pony figurines I added to my collection this year happened to be the Sea Horse. If you look close, you can see the waves on him lool like 'horse heads'.

and last but not least, this metal trivet or wall hanging from eBay. I loved all the detail on it.
2 seahorses, a lobster, and different kinds of shells....and Luvs, you'll crack up at this....ACORNS.
Even the seller in her description was baffled by the intent of that in the design. Too funny!

hugs, Karen

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Really neat, Karen.
I love the metal trivet/wall hanging

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Oh gosh, Purplemoon...I just love, love the 'calming' colors of your beach decor ... what esp appealed to me is that 2nd pic of big clam shell bowl you found & added those simple pretty.

But I kept scrolling & it kept getting better &, you certainly found some neat pcs & did some cool art your letter "S" ...very cool, a memory pc now w/shark's tooth (love that!)

Your apothecary jars are wonderful on the mantle! Love all the shells & pretty beach items. Your Gr'son's drawing is perfect w/that shell basket (which is a great find!) ...the silver trivet (such a diff take on beach decor)...Oh, I love everything! It's just 'beachy' in Phoenix! (that's quite a change!) TFS, purplemoon! Jeanne S.

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Karen, sooo glad you had time to share this collection with us. You have so many wonderful things displayed! Enjoyed seeing all of it. Wish I had more time to comment on each piece.

I do have to say that the big S you made w/your shark tooth from your grandfather is such a neat idea. Hope
your children will cherish this and keep it in the family forever. It amazes me that you get into fall with such high temps. but I love seeing all of it. So thank TIA for playing when it doesn't seem like fall in Phoenix.


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Marlene Kindred

What a great seaside collection Karen! I think this is one of my favorite color calming and cool. LOVE the seahorse s&p set! And I have that shell wall plaque, the little seagulls and the silver shell wreath...too cool. Had them in our camper at the Bay.

Thanks for sharing your decor with lovely.

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Karen I agree that your beach decor is so calming.
You have so many wonderful vignettes all around with many unique sea shells.
That Horse is beautiful is has a pearlized look to it.
I love the story of the abbreviated 'S for Sea' !! lol
It's wonderful that you made it and also added your Grandfather's shark tooth. What a treasure.
Karen, you won't believe this, but I have the SAME exact
Sea Shell Trivet too. My neice who passed away two yrs ago gave it to me as a gift one year.
Funny, when you mentioned the acorns, I had to go take a look...Yep...there's acorns...
I never noticed...Go figure!!

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This is all so pretty and beachy and summery feeling. I love it!!
Leave it to you to find PURPLE starfish!
Your DGS's picture is perfect for this theme and all of the vignettes are done with such an artistic eye!
You really have the flair to create these with just the right amount of detail and color.
I also love that silver trivet!

Everything is just lovely!

Unlike you, I am NOT looking forward to fall. I always hate to see summer end and hang on to it for dear life as long as I can, LOL.


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Love those cool colors too. You have some really neat stuff. Pretty balls in your clam dish, and the new horse is so neat, yes, I see the horses heads in the waves! I could NOT believe that there would be ACORNS on your beachy trivet! Must have been a big oak tree somewhere near that beach, huh? LOL Neat that Jane has it's twin! So glad you shared your pics with us. Luvs

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Thanks, Gang. I can't believe both Marlene and Jane have the acorn-seashell trivet thingy. How neat is that!

Would you believe most of my seashells came from "grab bags" of them at the antique mall. One of the vendors had lots of those at $2 a bag! And other vendors had large nice shells. Guess they know that in Phx, we need this stuff trucked in. LOL.

I'm not usually into decorating in pastels at all....but this darn Forum got me hooked on Easter big time, and then
on doing this summer shell decor. So don't tell me old dogs can't learn new tricks. ;o) I am a changed woman since finding this place!! I know quite of a few of you are too.

hugs, Karen

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