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BenRayApril 15, 2014

Hello All,
I joined this forum based on what I read. There seems to be good discussion going on here.
I just bought a home with 3 car garage in Texas. The home is at a higher level than the street. So the garage is about 30 feet tall. I'm interested in putting in some storage space by building rooms over the garages. The first floor, where we park our cars would be 12 feet high. We want to put in rooms without A/C or anything fancy. We just want it for storage and for the kids to run around and play. Safety is a primary concern. Any ideas how this can be done? Also, what would be the process for me to start on this project? I'm going to hire a contractor. I have $7000 allocated for this project. Is that a reasonable price? Also, please suggest some techniques how I could build the rooms.

thank you for you advice.

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These are just a few things that might come up is what is the existing garage sitting on for a foundation can this support an additional live load (live load is materials to be stored furniture and people. Next is to look at what the structure is framed out of for materials this is also to make sure that it can withstanding the added weight of second floor. One more item is the span of how wide your garage is you will need some sort of floor joists and depending on the span of the garage these will vary in size. I would say best bet is to contact a local contractor and check reference and contractor licenses to make sure he would know best of local building code and what exactly would be required to finish it off. The city might require some sort of engineering design to be done for adding the floor. Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: southern maine home builders

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We finished out the space above our 3 car garage in the house we just sold. It cost us a little over 20,000. That was for all the finishes as well. We did add AC and heat. You might want to consider AC living in Texas. I used our extra space for my craft room/office. It turned out to be roughly 250 sq ft.

Good luck!!

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Is this just bonus area that wasn't finished with sheetrock, etc but has either plywood or OSB flooring already?

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