Are Oxy-Clean and all fabric bleach the same thing?

linnea56October 22, 2013

I am trying soaking to remove stains from vintage textiles. I saw all fabric bleach recommened to me on a fiber website, but I can't find out for sure what the ingedients are. I already tried Oxy Clean and it didn't work: or worked on half the pieces and not the others. I don't want to waste the money and effort if it's just the same thing.


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I have always used Biz on my vintage linens and crochet. I just mix it with warm water in a bowl or you could use a bucket, then let it soak for a few hours. I have never had it damage anything and it takes out all the stains and yellow coloring that comes with age.

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Biz was the first thing I tried, and it didn't work. So I'm on to trying something stronger but trying still to be safe.

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what does Martha say?

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