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beatuiful_lover09October 2, 2009

I'm a waitress at a fish house and we wear white button ups. by the end of the month i need a new shirt because they start looking dingy. ive tried everything. oxy, tide, bleach, scrubbing the heck out of it. i come into contact with a lot of food and grease and i for the life of me can't get the yellowish dingy stains out. any ideas would be helpful thanks!!

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Have you soaked really well in hot water, Oxyclean and a little laundry detergent? Is it cotton or a blend? If it's polyester or a blend, it may not come back to white, but 100% cotton should lose it's dinginess with a good oxyclean (powder oxyclean) soaking. It won't harm your clothes; I've soaked stuff for many hours without harming the fabric.

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If it is a grease stain, spray it with Greased Lightning, Let it sit for 1/2 hour and wash. Check for stains and rewash with regular Clorox if it is 100% cotton. It is a great laundry spotter a well as a cleaner. You have to remove the grease before any bleaching additive will work. You could also try adding Borax Washing Soda to your laundry mix. You can find this in the laundry aisle in the store. My family had a laundry and dry cleaners and worked there for years after school and on weekends. They sent me to spotting shcool in Springfeild when I was 18 so this might work.

You would not be having any problem if the gov. had kept their nose out of it and we were allowed phostphates in the detergents. Back in those days all you needed was a bar of Fels Naptha Soap for tough stains and a jug of Clorox for the whites, and not spend $$$ on all of this spotting stuff that doesn't work.

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Too bad we need fresh water and clean air. C'est la vie.

Try old fashioned Mrs. Stewart's Bluing. It's available wherever you buy your laundry products and works wonders. Just follow the directions.

According to Mrs. Stewart's label, bleached cotton is naturally a little yellow. New garments are "blued" making them appear whiter temporarily, through several washings. I don't know if it's true, but I've used it for several years and voila! we have white whites! Of course, some of our white whites still have a stain or two, but they're white!

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I used to have to wear white dress shirts waitressing and in some places even had to wear white aprons or white jackets. I never found anything that gets those yellow-y stains out. I found that if I sent them out to be professionally cleaned they came back white and crisp.

You don't have to send them out every time you wear them. Wash them yourself, and then every few weeks send them out.

Don't send them to a dry cleaner. Contact an industrial laundry place. Ask the linen supplier where you work if they do small orders.

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Dissolve some dishwasher detergent in hot water and let it soak overnight. For grease stains I use Dawn dish washing detergent directly on spots, then launder as usual. I've given up on all the "laundry" stain removers.

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