Sharing a Couple of Tables Tonight

phonegirlAugust 9, 2010

Found these wheat dishes in some of the folks things when the family was visiting. So after a wonderful Prime Rib Dinner at DF's tonight, got home and changed out the pink table I've had set since right after the 4th. Will share both with all of you.

Karen your TS table has me painting some new blue rose glasses for my table. If they turn out descent you will see them on it. Guess it's turning into a little ME time in my life.


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The wheat dishes and table are pretty, but I'm really loving that big vase of wheat as a focal point.

I'm glad you are doing tables again for us, and especially that you are getting some "me time". You've earned it.

hugs, Karen

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Very pretty Punk! I can see a group of ladies having lunch at table #2-it's so feminine and has a British "tea time" flare.

Table one has my favorite combo: red and white. I like how you fluffed your napkins in the goblets. The wheat stalks in the vase are a perfect compliment to the border of the salad plates. How fun!

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I love that wood turntable with flowered tile in the works so good with your beautiful dinner plates..also like the combination of the charger (grayish?) with your choice of plates. Pretty in pink, punk!

The wheat pattern dishes really blend in so well with the "red" assessories! Love that centerpc also! I think this would also look cool with a gold tablecloth & flatware (SMILING, here!)...cause ya got me thinking this morning! TFS, punk! Jeanne (my July stuff is still up...must get moving!)

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Ahhhh more red! It's a beautiful table Punk. The pink table is lovely too....tea tabl-y as BonnieAnn said!!
Thanks for posting,

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Yay! I've finally made my way back and you're creating again. Perfect timing!
You know I'm allll over the red/black and white and I think the wheat accents are perfect.
The pink is so calming and the roses set it off perfectly.
I haven't gotton to do a table in weeks but bought a few new pieces today and might get around to it later on this evening. Perhaps I can take a nudge from you and follow suit, or at least do something. :)

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I'm also glad to see you back posting again. Those tables are so different and I like them both. I'm loving the red mixed with the natural cream colors, looks like a designer table. The wheat grassy stuff is beautiful. And of course you can't go wrong with pink in my book, love the gray chargers with it too.

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TFS your very different and very beautiful tables.
The wheat table is so appropriate now for harvest time and I agree the pink looks ready for a high tea!


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slinkey've been missed.
Glad you can focus on some fun for 'YOU' now!
Two great tables...The wheat pattern is very different and I like your Wheat centerpiece too. I think Jeanne's idea, using gold tablecloth and accents would look nice too. Great having dishes that you can 'play' around with.
Your pink table is lovely..what type of chargers did you use..they look interesting?
Once again, glad your back.


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Bonnie, after reading your post I agree the pink table does look like a tea party table. I fluffed the napkins in the 1st table because it needed the flair. Glad it made you think Fun.

Karen, I couldn't resist the field full of wheat and not adding it to the table. I'm hoping to be done entertaining for awhile and back to some fun things I enjoy doing.

Jeanne, thanks for your comments on the pink table. I'm so excited to see what your up to! I love it when someone on here gets things moving and creative tables come shining through. I thought of a gold tablecloth but didn't want to go iron mine.LOL

J, thanks so much for your comments and I remember your a red gal. Can hardly wait to see all your beautiful cardinals again. Do they stay all year long?

MM, I can give more than a nudge if that is what it takes to keep you going.haha I just love to come and see the beautiful creations on here.

Frou, designer table. You rock my world lady! You have all taught me so much on here and I appreciate all the help I've received. I came up with the red and gold because I wanted to use the placemats and didn't know what else to go with. The chargers are silver but do look gray in the photos.

Candy, glad you liked the wheat table. I didn't want to decorate for fall so ended up with this. I did the pink table because I hadn't set a table with the rose plates before. I too love pink.

Jane, Thanks for commenting on the tablecloth too. I will try the gold tablecloth under the wheat pattern and will post a picture when I do. I'll try to come up with some gold accents also.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comment and a Welcome Back. I will try to do better with keeping up on here. It's been a busy summer and so different than any in the past.

DD brought me a box of ornaments today to fill my apothocary jar for Christmas. It's early but I accepted them with open arms.LOL


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Welcome back Punk, glad you found a little time to "play" and share with us. So great that you kept so many of your Mom and GMom's dishes and things. And you just happened to have real wheat to go along with them! How great is that???? (Just be careful to keep it away from the candles when lit!) ;o(

Ahh, how can anyone not love the soft prettiness of pink and roses? Very pretty table, you can feed us at that one when Jane brings the bus around for our road trip, okay? ;o)


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Thanks Luvs, I will NOT be lighting the candles on this table but thanks for the WARNING. I'd love all of you to bring the bus and come on over. I wouldn't hesitate to reset that pink table for a second if I could enjoy all your company. Took the time to iron the gold tablecloth, added the birds and a gold dish. I moved the bowl so you could see the plate also has the wheat design on it.

It was slow at work today so I took a trip to the Emporium that recently opened. Yes, I found some goodies. The large plates are by Newcor and have acorns, berries and leaves on them. The small Makasa plates with Sunflowers reminded me of Luvs picture and I grow sunflowers every year so may make a table and use them.

All the pumpkins are from the Christmas Store. The candle holder still had the price of $2.99 on the bottom and I paid $5 for all three ised items. Everything came to a total of $20 which isn't a steal but I enjoyed my shopping spree.

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Punk...I like how you added the 'warmer' tones to your Wheat Table. They really compliment the pattern of those plates, and makes it stand out more.

WooHoo!! Nice to get some extra free time off from the job, and then go on a wonderful shopping spree!
You got some fabulous bargains...Luvs will be 'Green' over those Acorn Plates...Those sunflower plates are pretty, and I'd love to see them with your flowers..Everything you bought is really nice..lucky you.
I'm sure, if I got that Bus On the Road...and headed your way...with ALL of us, we'd have such a great time, and you'd make us all feel right at home!!


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LOVE your new sunflower plates, Punk! What great finds!!

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Love that lace tablecloth! The wheat looks so pretty!
Glad you are finding some time to play!

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WOW, I'd say that was well-worth the $20 spent! You got alot of goodies, punk! Beautiful! I can see that "Fall" is coming quickly! :-)

And you even tried the gold tablecloth (oh, how I hate to iron!) does look very lovely as does the precious bird pc you added & gold dish...but your 1st t'scape was very pretty, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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You just know those acorns on your plates just jumped right out at me! LOL Really like the brown ones too. You got lots of good dishes, and will get to use those pumpkin items very shortly--the months just seem to zoom by!

Went with my newest neighbor lady friend today. She's been going through allot dealing with MS and having to get leg braces--just needed a day out to get her mind off all the not so good stuff. We hit a TS and an antique mall and stopped for lunch as well. Would you believe I saw a metal baby cradle and the metal had carved ACORNS! It wasn't very pretty, but I was amazed at seeing it made of metal and with the acorns!

Best part of the story is that my friend has been looking for Campbell's soup "art" for her kitchen. We turned the corner of the last row at the antique mall and there straight in front of us was the most darling metal tray with what else??? Ta da, darling sweet Campbell's kids on a red/white background that was absolutely perfect for her kitchen--and it was marked down to only $3.00! Was that meant to be or what??? I told her that the shopping angels were with us today for sure. Needless to say, that was just the day brightener she really needed! ;o)


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slinkey are such a dear to brighten up your friend's day by going TS &
Antique Mall shopping!
I'm always amazed when I see strange items, and wonder what was the original intent, to make it in such a the metal cradle you saw, with acorns!
Sounds like the shopping spree was a success for your friend, finding the Cambell's Soup tray...
You're right, it was meant to be.
How about you... did you find anything special?


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Thanks everyone for your comments on the tables and goodies.

Jane, I think it's time to get that bus ready to roll my way. I don't have time to go visiting but would take time to go shopping with you gals whenever you can make it. Should we be finding a bus to buy? I think a big charter one like the stars travel in would be nice for all of us.LOL

Luvs, thanks for sharing your shopping spree with us. I bet you were so tickeled when you came around the corner and spotted that Cambell's Soup tray for $3. Beautiful ending to a fun day, huh?

I too want to know if you found anything! The brown dishes are bowls but thought I could work them in on a table just the same.

Need to hit the hay now.


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Punk, you sound tired, hope you got a night's sleep, gal.

Jane, I didn't find allot, just a few things. Rather than hi jack Punk's tablescape post, I'll share pics of them on a new post, okay?


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Punk you did GOOD!! I love the sunflowers best, but everything looks great! I'm surprised that Luvs didn't reach right in there and snatch the acorn dishes right off the page :^)
Hugs to you,

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