hand soap stained my granite

blue_fastbackOctober 26, 2008

I thought my granite top was sealed good but I guess not. The kids got liquid hand soap all over the top and stained it. I used a product called Stone Specific Stain Remover from H.D. It worked good but one spot will not come out. It is around the faucet. I took the faucet off and tried again and still no luck. This stain remover that I bought is a paste that is applied and then covered for 24 hours. any ideas?

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Sounds like the oil in the soap penetrated the granite. I have a marble countertop that got stained by Dial Liquid Hand Soap. It left a light orangish stain in thev marble. I tried everything, including alcohol, Mr. Clean Eraser, and Softscrub,nothing worked.

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You can get it out by using a poultice. Go here for instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stain Removal

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A home made poultice is what came to my mind - acetone and cornstarch. But it seems that the Stone Specific Stain Remover that the OP used is a poultice.

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I just had a granite countertop installed and didn't seal it yet (thought it came sealed) and my son spilled moisturizing liquid hand soap which caused a big dark stain too. I am beside myself. How can something like SOAP used in a bathroom be a danger? No one warned me about this or I never would have bought granite. QUESTION: For those of you with same problem, what worked for you? How do you prevent a recurrence? Please help! Thanks.

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You prevent a recurrence by sealing the granite and being more careful with the soap. You could put a tray under the soap dispenser.

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