Sunflower Table

phonegirlAugust 22, 2010

Changed out my table tonight with the sunflower plates and candle holders I recently found at YS. I placed DM Garden Angel in the center so I would have pictures to share with the rest of the family later. Sorry I forgot to light my candles before taking pictures.


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Beautiful dinnerware against the backdrop of that emerald green tablecloth. Love the sunflowers. They look real, are they? I like how you layered your placemats on top of the tablecloth to tie all the colors in. Very nice!

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Your table looks so pretty and festive.

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So pretty the Sunflower plates.
I like how you added the yellows and greens to accessorize.
Cute napkin rings...and 'Garden Angel' centerpiece..

PS...I've got to get my 'Rear In Gear' and get some scapes going~~~~
You gals have been churning out these tables all Summer, on 'Full Speed' !!

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Well, punk, that t'scape just makes me "smile!" very cheerful...something about sunflowers that does that to ya! LOL! I like how you layered the dishes & have the B&W combo under the sunny plates! Flowered napkin holders are darling with your sunny plates, too! The layered placemats look really good with the sunflowers, too...and your DM's angel is just downright "cute!" TFS! Jeanne S.

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Bonnie, thanks so much and no the sunflowers are not real. I'll post a close up so you can see them better. I have alot of sunflowers in my yard but kept forgetting to go cut some today and now it's dark.

Nana, glad you enjoyed this table and thanks for your comments. I didn't like it for some reason so tweaked it some tonight. I still think it looks kinda square in the center but I don't have time to put a place setting in the back now.

Jane, you do need to get your buns movin' and create some beautiful tables for us. What have you been doing??? I love seeing all your beautiful tables.

Jeanne, thanks but after looking at it today I didn't care for it so changed some things. I replaced the Garden Angel with the bird with TUDE. It reminds me of myself at times.LOL Not the angel DM taught me to be. Sure miss her and if she was here I'm sure I wouldn't get attitude like I do. She always taught me to be nice! That's just not always fun.LOL

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punk...I like your new table, too! I think taking the black away & adding the white circle placemats revitalizes the sunflower dishes to show off more! (or however you say that!) LOL! And I love your new TS find...the bird with the TUDE! Yeah, I'm feeling your vibes with the Mom Mom taught us, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." Ummmm...I usually listened but not always "obeyed."

Oh, & I do like this table better with only one pot of "sunnies" ...shines in the spotlight much better! TFS your tweaks! Jeanne s.

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Jeanne, thanks and so funny your mom used the same other saying my DM used, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." I must admit I said that to my kids too.
I just read your post on OA's table and I must of been replying while you was posting. We almost came up with the same thoughts. Your a fun one, too.


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Did someone say 'TUDE'!!
Are you talkin about 'ME'?....
I guess we can all take turns in that department...and yes, make our 'Momma's' eyes roll!
I used that SAME expression 'If you can't say something nice don't say anything'.. on DD and now my DGkids...and it was handed down from my DM. So, even if we don't always follow what they Preached...we Remember!! lol
Punk, I agree with Jeanne, I think the white shows off your sunflower plates with a more cheerful look. I too like the single vase and your TS 'TUDE/DUDE' is lovely.
I think he'd be great in a Fall/Thanksgiving scape too.

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I love both of your tables.
I think the first one was happier and the second was fancier, IYKWIM.

I believe it was Thumper's mom in the movie Bambi where I first heard the phrase about only saying nice things.
I used to tell that to my daughters as well.

I have my eye on your little sunflower votive holder. It would fit into my TS tablescape quite nicely. LOL


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Jane, so you get TUDE at times? No way, your a sweetie. Thanks for all the help with my tables and it shows I just throw them together w/o enough thought or time. Some day I may decide to retire but till then hope all of you will still play with me.haha

Candy, thanks for all your comments. I should send you that votive holder cuz I could live w/o it no problem. It was only a quarter so I couldn't pass it up. I think your right on that saying from the Bambi movie. Been along time since I watched it.

Guess we'll all be nice girls thanks to our DM and will be passing something positive on. I remembered at 11 I have a DF who is still in the hospital who wants choc. cupcakes for her BDay tomorrow. It's now after midnight and just finished frosting them so should be heading off to bed since I can't sleep in.

Take Care My Dear Friends.


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Those are just lovely, Punk! So cheerful! Love the plates and your little girl, and the other with the centerpiece too!
Good job!

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You're the sweetie Punk...making Chocolate Cupcakes for
your DF in the hospital...
Hope she enjoys them...there's a place in Heaven for you...but NOT for a LONG LONG TIME...yet!!


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I like both tables, Punk. I can't pick a favorite.
You make yellow appealing...LOL. Its not enough I became a "Pinkie" here, now its going to be yellow as well.
Never would have thought pastel colors could be pretty till I came here. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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