Cleaning mud stain from cedar siding

krissie55October 9, 2013

Suggestions please on how to remove stain from house cedar siding caused by wasp mud nest.

Power washer with plain water did not work. Stain is very high up on the siding.

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I googled your question up with this list. The first said it was easy, but time consuming. I didn't read any of the other links. I am posting the link in case you don't get any answers.

Here is a link that might be useful: cleaning cedar siding

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Let weather take care of it.

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Thanks! Your suggestion of letting the weather take care of it is excellent, if it were on a wall exposed to weather.

The area with mud is recessed back of the entry way where weather never touches it (very high up).

Other suggestions? Other than climbing a ladder to scrub manually and break my neck in the process!

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I'm not sure I'm picturing it correctly, but if it's very high up in a recessed entryway and weather can't get to it, is it really noticeable? Sounds like a person would have to deliberately look up there to see it. So maybe it's the just knowing it's there that is bothering you?

Only other thing I can think of is, if a power washer didn't blast it out, I'm not sure what can, so maybe hang some nice decorative thing to hide it?

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