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phonegirlAugust 15, 2012

I had everything loaded and my page stuck on one of GW's pop ups and flew the coop! Sooo... I will try again and see how it goes. Sorry I don't have enough time to type everything out again tonight. Most everything came from DM, friends and ys. I paid $1 for all 4 of the sunflower plates and $2 for the Rooster plates, cups and pitcher. Wish they would of had more of these dishes. I ran to TJ Maxx to buy more but they were sold out. Paid $2 for the set of 12 glasses. S & P shakers were only a quarter.

This is not what I had planned when I started with my fall place mats. One of our employees bought me several sets of placemats for fall so I wanted to start using them. As I looked around there was no need to go to the shed and start bringing in totes when I had things in the house to share. However I didn't want to start over so used one of my new sets of pm's.

I loved the wine decanter and glasses, they wanted $20. I offered $10 and they took it. Should of offered $5.LOL

TJ got a new outfit and a squealing pig! The bottom of her outfit matches her hat. I even bought her a Halloween outfit for .50 while shopping one day this summer.

I set my new/old fiesta platter on the tea cart. Red glasses are still there too.

Hope you are all having a great summer. We've loved having so much company but it's flew by too fast. It's already cooling down in the evenings here so fall is coming soon. Need to start getting things ready for the fair.UGH!!! I have alot of sunflowers blooming right now but as usual didn't take the time to go pick any.


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Punk...I LOVE your table setting!! Such a nice display and layering of dishes. Those PMs really 'set the stage' for everything. I also love the sunflower plates..your flatware.. colored stems...and Rooster S&Ps. I think I have the same ones. Your Buffet looks beautiful with the white roosters and beautiful rooster accent plates and pieces. I also love that white hen on your sideboard. It makes such a statement ..I remember when you got it.
That Fiesta platter's colors add such vibrance to the vignette on your tea cart...very nice display.
Of course, I can't forget to mention TJ...looking really pretty in her little Summer outfit..I see she has her faithful puppy companion along side her and I think they're enjoying the new little piggy !! lol
You did such a nice job on everything and are such an inspiration along with several other friends here.
I feel like a lump...I haven't done anything since my foot operation...There's also so much going on here that I can't seem to get myself started in the right direction.
I'm guess I'll have to post something just to show I'm still 'alive and well'...lol

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Marlene Kindred

WOWEE!! So many great things here Punk...LOVE all of the chickens and roosters! The sunflower plates are just great and your wine decanter and glasses are really, really pretty and I can't believe you got the set for $10! It's nice to see fall colors even though it's still hot here, so I haven't even started thinking about it yet...wishing though! Beautiful table! TFS~

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Wonderful, punk! LOL @jane...I am the 2nd 'lump' here, then! (& I didn't have any foot surgery!) Hoping to get back here soon...I did buy some more clothes for Dollbaby just the other day...bargains! & I'm leaning toward 'roosters' t'scape, too!

Love, love everything here...the color scheme of the place settings...& those beautiful leafy placemats! Those square Rooster plates on the buffet & matching cup are so sweet! & of course, you know you stole the $decanter!

TJ looks pretty cute, too...w/her lil' piggy there sharing her tray. You may know that I noticed no candles on the table! ...but you didn't miss a beat ...cause I saw the other buffet is loaded!

A fun table...linens are lovely! TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Oh my gosh, Punk, so many wonderful things to crow about!!
Your new place mats are perfect, and I love how you layered the place settings.
What a great buy on the decanter and stems. They look wonderful on your table.
You really lucked out on the sunflower plates, rooster plates, mugs and pitcher.
I love the laying hens too.
TJ is so cute in her summer outfit, she and her puppy should have lots of fun playing with the squealing pig.
Don't forget to show us pictures of her wearing her Halloween costume.
I'm sure I forgot to mention something, but I really enjoyed the tour of your coop.
You are such a busy lady. I'm so glad you take the time to share your treasures with us.

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Thanks for all the sweet comments Jane, Marlene, Jeanne and Nana. Jane and Jeanne, I hope both of you have some time to show your decor. Always love seeing what you share.

Jane, have you put your home on the market? Don't remember where you plan to relocate? You have a beautiful home and it may be hard to find something as nice. The only nice thing about this is we wouldn't have to worry about you during the bad winter storms!

Marlene, so glad you take the time to look and comment.

Jeanne, believe me I thought of your beautiful 'American Heritage' dishes as I set this table. I have some old flour sacks of DGM that I need to get out and see if I can make a table runner or something with them to display.

Nana, so glad your here and sharing all your wonderful scapes and decor.


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I just love it all!
The sunflower plates were a steal, but so were the rest of your deals!
The layering is wonderful and since I collect roosters and chickens, I'm lovin those!! I particularly like how you placed the white roosters on the candlesticks.
Your flatware is so pretty and the scalloped plates are fantastic.
TJ looks quite pleased with her new outfit and accessories.

All in all, your coop is looking in fine feather.


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I think the others have said it all. Your pretty scallop edge plates look so neat, and I too love rooster stuff. Such a nice new decanter, makes a lovely centerpiece for the table. How lucky you are to have friends who will give you placemats, dishes, etc. How fun! Enjoyed seeing this tablescape very much. Luvs

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Thanks Candy, I've gotten to the point if it isn't a good deal, I'm not buying.LOL I bought the roosters at TJ Maxx and they are all one piece. The lg scalloped plates are Pier 1 and the smaller scalloped ones are Versailles by Noble Excellence. These were gifts from my Dear family.

Thanks Luvs, no one else besides me decorates like this so they are so willing to share. As I've said before, you've changed my world by sending me over here! Always wonderful to hear from you.


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Oh punk...I was to TJMaxx today w/friends...love that store & added a 'rooster' pc to my dishes! I will share...I will share...but am on overload yet w/re-vamping the garden shed & decent weather that we can be working outside...miss decorating...but lovin' outdoors! & we've had some family vac's. Tho I do come on here every day & ck out all our 'Holiday-ers,' here!& I also help out on the Flea Market Gardening Facebk page. Jeanne S.

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Punk, I'm darn near speechless!! This is a WOW tablesetting...for so many reasons! Luckily the others used up all the good words as to WHY already!
I love rooster stuff and you did a fantastic job displaying it. You've got some beautiful statues. Then there's the colors you used on the table, and those wonderful placemats!
I love every single thing you did in fact.

TJ looks extremely happy too. She's such a cutie, and its neat you've found her more outfits. My GW here never seems to have anything for Teagan. Or maybe the 3-6 mon. sells out faster than I get there to look. ;o(

hugs, Karen

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Very pretty! Love the colors!

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Jeanne, woohoo, so glad you found a pc at TJ Maxx. I understand you have other things going on right now. Sounds like your still so busy but also taking time for some fun.

Thanks Karen, it's super to have you back posting. I'm so happy you have all that work behind you. Not sure I'll ever get my new flooring. I need to shop for Teegan and Dollbaby but DGD has dollies and always gets most outfits I buy.LOL

Thanks Kathleen, great to hear from you.


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