Maas cleaning products anyone?

cearabOctober 3, 2007

I would like to get some opinions from anyone familiar with teh Maas cleaning products. I purchased 2 tubes (kind of expensive) after reading about them in a magazine. I bought the product to clean all my brass knobs in the kitchen. I feel like I keep cleaning the knobs over and over again. No matter how many times I clean them, very black tarnish comes off on the paper towels as I clean. I could seriously clean one knob for several minutes, and black keeps coming off as I add more polish in an effort to remove what I assume must be tarnish. Is this product a gimmick? I feel as though I will never get these solid brass knobs really clean. And the thing is, I did not think they were in terrible shape when I bought the polish. Just thought I would give it a try over what I can buy in the grocery store.

What have others experienced with this product? I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks

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Not familiar with the product. Do the knobs look clean? Do they keep looking better the more you do it? When was the last time you cleaned them? Dry cleaning them with a little baking soda and see if the black continues to come off.

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Would this be the same Maas product that promises to 'restore all metals"?

I got some at the local Ace hardware store for the fraction of the cost of ordering.

Then I proceeded to completely ruin a stainless steel kitchen sink.

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Yes, this would be the same Maas product. I did use mine of the stainless sink with no problem at all. What I bought was in a tube, for what it's worth. I used it a few weeks ago on some sterling pieces with good luck. It's just my solid brass kitchen pulls. I can not figure out why everytime I use it, I keep getting solid black rubbing off of them. I take it you won't use this polish again.

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will it clean headstones?

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