My bottle flower holders

luvstocraftAugust 11, 2011

Remember the cute bottle idea Karen had posted from Country Living? Well, I didn't have that type of bottle, but it did inspire me to use some milk bottles my DB gave me that our Dad had collected. Just tied together with some twine--but I think I will try using some lace next time since I'm more Country Victorian than Rustic. I really think empty vinegar bottles would be a cute shape to use too. Luvs

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Lovely! Jan

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Oh, I like that 'as is!', luvs! You've got a crocheted doily under it all ...that qualifies as "Country Victorian!" LOL! I must have missed this post of Karen's! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I must have missed that post of mine too...LOL. I don't remember the bottles!
But Luvs, that looks so pretty. I really enjoyed that you could use bottles from your Dad's collection. Makes this very special I think.

hugs, Karen

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Luvs...That is so pretty. Very neat idea. Thank you for sharing.


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Gosh, I thought sure it was Karen who had posted the link to Country Living that showed the three small bottles tied together like this. I tried to find the post again but didn't find it. My neighbor passed on her issue and I know I tore that idea out to save. If I find it, maybe I can scan it and post here. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that it was not my original idea but adapted from something I had seen.;o)


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Marlene Kindred

Great idea and it looks so pretty on your table! Love the bottles, vases and the flowers you used! You have agapanthas...I haven't seen those since I was a florist!

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Luvs I too like the look you created - and how you tied them together with the twine. I agree with have that nice crocheted doily for a perfect 'touch' of Country Victorian...
I think I missed Karen's post too.


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Marlene, I have lots of agapanthas and they were just loaded with blooms this year because we had gotten such nice rains. All the little bees really love them too! ;o)

Jane, I think you and Jeanne must be right. All my friends that have been over have just loved the fact that they are tied together and different flowers in each one. I was glad to find a use for my DD's bottles. ;o)


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So pretty!!

A fellow GW, Natal, did some and now I've been doing it for a couple of years.

What I do is take some old apothecary bottles I've found and inherited over the years and put a single flower in them with water, and line them up in the windowsill.

Easy and inexpensive decorating!

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Wow, this is wonderful. What a great way to use DD's milk bottles. Your flowers are so pretty. You are on a roll and it's great!


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