Cleaning oven door between glass panels

zaraliaOctober 23, 2013

Hi! I posted this tip on an older thread about cleaning between the glass panels on an oven door, but it's an older thread and I'm not sure anyone is still checking it, so I figured I'd create a new thread about it. The general consensus is that you should disassemble the door, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. I finally got fed up with the stain and cobbled together a cleaning tool that would work without disassembling the door. Do this at YOUR OWN RISK and proceed with caution and lots, lots, LOTS of tape (so you don't end up with a cleaning cloth stuck between the glass plates):

Check and see if you have an access hole on the bottom of the oven door (easiest way is to pull out the drawer beneath the oven and reach up--but PLEASE use caution, because the edges of the hole might be very sharp--it's sheet metal, after all!). I found a couple of slits in my Kenmore Elite that allowed me to access the space between the glass panels, then I formed a hacked-together cleaning tool out of 1) a fly swatter (it's long and very bendy); 2) a swiffer cloth (I wet mine with water); and 3) unbelievable amounts of packing tape (if you think you have enough tape, add even more tape and pull on the swiffer cloth until you are absolutely certain that nothing will pull it from the fly swatter until the END OF DAYS, or you might get stuck with a swifter cloth in your oven door). I stuck the fly swatter up the slits and rubbed the cloth back and forth for a few minutes. Our stain was at least a month old and I've used the oven 20 times or so since it got there, so it was reasonably stuck on. But a few minutes of rubbing took care of it.

I'm sure any professional will tell you not to try this, but I was NOT about to take my door apart and my husband flat-out refused to do it (his solution was to hide it behind a hand towel), and some of you might be in the same frame of mind. Hope this helps you!

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I once took my GE oven door apart to clean the glass. Had to call a GE service man to put it together and HE had trouble doing it. I don't understand the picture you posted. If the fly swatter still had its swatting pad to tape a Swiffer to, the slot must have been very wide. I thought you had taken it off and wrapped the Swiffer to the handle. I have some surgical brushes that have long handles so they can clean long cannulas used in blood machines etc. Long story. Maybe I can use your tip and try it, but I don't think it will pick up dirt very well. Might try wrapping the Swiffer but the hole would have to be awfully large too.

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I still need to do this. LIke the previous person, though, my slits are narrow. I will try slicing off the sides of a swatter, the length is a good idea. Thanks!

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