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phonegirlAugust 29, 2010

Good Evening, we had to go shopping for a new laptop computer and printer for the fair today. I just couldn't ressist stopping at a yard sale. I picked up a set of 6 Royal Norfolk dishes for $5. She gave me the Arthur Wood Teapot free because she had broke the lid. I washed them up and set a table.

I already had this set of wine glasses that match. I used my soup tureen I showed in my ys sale finds last time.

This is a picture of me and this is how all of you make me feel. I always take the pictures so had to crop my sister out so I could share a picture with all of you.

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LOVE SEEING YOU, Punk. And you sure made me smile with the "light up" one you have.

I don't know where Frou has been, but she might go nuts over those blue dishes. LOL.
It was nice of that lady to give you the teapot!

hugs, Karen

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Punk...didn't picture you a 'Blondie'!
Cute pic...I'm smiling too, looking at your happy face.
This was such a great idea of Karen's.
We now can connect a 'face' to the name.

Great buy on those dishes..The color is so pretty, and I can't believe she threw in the teapot Free! I've seen so many teapots w/o tops, but never Free!
Love the Tureen. Looks like a nice heavy one and will go with so many other tablesettings too.


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You don't let grass grow under your feet! Home from the yard sale, wash 'em up, and set a table!

I always have to wash them, photograph them, add them to my computer inventory, THEN find a place to put them (LOL). Of course, if I wanted to do a tablescape, I'd have to clean off the table first...

Good job on the dishes, what an unusual color. And teapots with broken lids are made for flowers.

Nice seeing a picture. You have a great smile!

- Magpie

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Are you kidding me, punk??? Is this your high school cheerleading pic? Great pic, beautiful smile & and how you can be called "punk," I don't know! This is great putting faces to holiday-ers! I haven't guessed anyone right yet!

Dishes are gorgeous ... I am lovin' that color & the teapot is very cute...what a buy...don't ya just love GS'ing! Those wine glasses look perfect ...& I like how you add other pcs to your t'scapes (like the couple swinging there)! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Love your big, bright smile, Punk, and the way your eyes just light up! ;o) What a pretty blue on your dishes, and what a bargain--you sure pulled that tablescape together in a "flash"! ;o) Luvs

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Karen, I thought of Frou and Jeanne when I bought these dishes. Kinda of a cheesy picture but most of the time, I'm smiling.

Jane, 'Blondie' check out those eyebrows and roots! My mom use to tell me she loved my blond hair and brown eyes when I was younger so when I did this change I asked if she liked the new me. No she didn't jump for joy over it.LOL

The lady where I bought these dishes had so many neat things and I wish I would of bought more from her. She had the neatest clalm shells that were 6" and some lg star fish. Wouldn't of those looked great with the dishes? I had other more important things to take care of so didn't go there.

Magpie, your so right, there isn't enough hours in my days to let grass grow under my feet! Laughed when reading your post about having to clean off the table before setting it! I always have a tablescape to keep the dust bunnies away.

I would of never thought about using a teapot for flowers before joining all of you gals here. Wish I would take the time to go pick fresh flowers. I have 2 acres of them and rarely bring any in.

Jeanne, yeah right, high school cheerleading pic. Your my hero! If it wouldn't take so long I would show you one of my Cheerleading pics. So tell me how you pictured me? Easy there...

I think the color of the dishes is what drew me to them. I have aqua place mats and thought they would be great with the dishes but totally the wrong shade. The place mats I used have threads of every color in them. The little couple reminds me of Collin Raye's song "If You Get There Before I Do". To bad it plays a different melody while going around.

Luvs, thanks and you know the rest of the story. You didn't nickname me Speedy for no reason.LOL Life is to short not to dance so I love the new saying 'Whatever' and that keeps me smiling most days.

We have to pick our battles daily and most of the time it's easier to just smile and forget the negative that comes our way.


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I love your newest dishes, Punk!!!!! On my monitor they look turquoise. Are they IFL? Well, Lady, when you get tired of them ( maybe by next week?) you can send them right on to me ;^D
Awesome find!
Lynn (who's pea green with envy at the moment!)

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jeannespines look like the cheery messages that you post! But "punk" for your name, I had you pictured as a petite, brunette with a pixie haircut that's on the go, on the go! LOL! You sparkle, girl! Jeanne s. & I have first dibs on the dishes, lynn! LOL! Just kiddin'!

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