Finally some summer beachy decorating

luvstocraftAugust 11, 2011

I finally decided that I just had to dig out my shells and some beachy items to celebrate summer before it is gone. I know I have a few more items but didn't feel like moving more boxes to locate them so this little bit will have to do this year. Not very creative, but at least a little something!

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Looks like summer beach house to me! Like your cute lighthouse & figurines! I dug out some shells today too. Mom had little basket in bathroom that looked like it was ready for a redo! I washed it all & added 4 shells to compliment her bathroom, nothing fancy just looks newly made instead of old. Oh, I love that top doily is it crocheted or are the hearts cloth? The shells look so good around the candle & in the covered dish, very nice! Jan

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Must be contagious! I've been messing w/shells, too...& bought 2 real nice 'starfish' yesterday at a TS (hopefully, for an outdoor project)

Your fish & boat & lighthouse look really cute on your mantel...& I like your apothecary jar w/shells on side table, that pretty blue plate. And your lace linens look so pretty w/your displays. I splurged yesterday on a day trip w/some gals & bought a big cloche with a pottery base for the going to have some FUN w/that in the holidays ahead! TFS, luvs...looks 'beachy' to me! Jeanne S.

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Hooray for you, way to go!!

I love your little fish figurines, and that seagull plate
is really neat too.
You are making me hang my head in shame tho.
LOL. My beach decor is still packed. Maybe if I look at your photos half a dozen times, you'll get me inspired. Meanwhile I'm so happy to see you decorating 'for us'...
you know how we appreciate that here! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Luvs...There must be something in the air. I was out yesterday buying the things I need to make the little solar light in a jar with sand and shells. I saw the tutorial here on the forum.

All your decorations look lovely.


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Very nice,Luvs.
You've been on a roll.

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Jan, that top doily is crochet. I don't remember where I found it, but my "mantle" is really just a shelf that looks best "covered" and I knew this would be perfect for that.

Oh, Jeanne, I can't wait to see your new cloche. So glad you had an outing with the girls too! That's always fun. I've used my jar allot, bought it on sale when I visited Garrity's in Atchison, Ks. one year. However, I wish I'd found a cloche instead. They are more versatile I think.

Karen, don't feel badly about not decorating, sometimes we just have full plates and other issues to deal with don't we? You are always an inspiration to me, so I would be pleased if I could return the favor. You'll be back at it soon enough I'm sure.

Marylee, I clicked on "the forum" link in your message and got an ad about "pullups diapers". LOL Not sure I remember the post you are referring to, but I'll look forward to seeing the one you make for sure. ;o)

Nana, you are right. I seem to go in "spurts" lately. Some days I can barely get the "necessary work" done and other days I feel more "energetic" and "optimistic" and plunge right in to some projects. I must say the "creative" days are more fun! Right?

I realize just setting a few things out and putting some sand and shells in jars is not very creative--but this time, it felt like a major accomplishment because of other things going on in my life right now! Thanks for being so sweet all of you.


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Marlene Kindred

You have some very nice decorations there Luvs! Beach themed items always make you think of summer (and cooler summers at that). Love the lighthouse, the seagull plate and your cloche! Glad you put them out for us to see too.

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Luvs, I got back from Cape Cod last week...and your beach decorations have all the elements that give me a feeling of 'being there' again..
Your vignettes are nice to see with the pretty shells, lighthouse and seagull plate. I love the look of shells in glass jars and I like the look of yours and how you scattered shells around too. I hate to think that Summer is almost over - it goes too fast.
I enjoyed seeing the calming - Beach 'atmosphere' you've created..makes me wish I were back at the Cape again.


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luvs ... I won't make you wait to see the cloche...oh, I am so tickled that I spoiled myself w/this purchase. I had to LOL when DH came back in my computer/craft room tonight & saw it sitting on my work table...he rolled his eyes & I said, "kind of big, isn't it." ... "guess so!" & he shook his head. So I had to go get one of my GS Santa's from early Spring/Summer & show you. What do you think? The bottom pc is pottery & the total ht. is like 21" or so...will have fun decorating w/this.

Thanks, luvs! Jeanne S.

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Oh it is just wonderful, Jeanne. And you wouldn't have wanted it any smaller for that neat santa. The pottery base is great and I like the shape of it too. I've not seen any like that before, you're going to have fun finding things to display in it for each season. I'm so happy for you, have fun. ;o)


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Jeanne, that is a fabulous cloche you found. I love it.
And I'm so glad you bought it. Now we all get to enjoy it too when you decorate. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I know Karen has posted this blog before, but I didn't want any of you to miss her "beachy" decor. I love how she does such neat projects for so little money--and I enjoy reading what she says too! Wish I had the knack for putting things together like she does--heck, I can't even copy the ideas very well! LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: Beachy decorations

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Thanks Luvs for putting Karen's post here again...
I don't know how I missed it.
I agree, the woman has nice thrifty decorating ideas.
All very inspiring..
Of course I loved her black hutch with all the white ironstone - but espec loved how she added the beach accents to it for a nice Summery touch.
Awwww Luvs - as far as you not having the 'knack'... you don't give yourself enough credit..We always enjoy seeing what you do.

Jeanne...fabulous Cloche...It's so BIG!
I can see Fun-Fun-Fun displays ahead!!


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Luvs, so glad you took time out to display all your lovely beachy things. I love shells and your cloches and decorations are wonderful. Hope this and your new HL will help keep you sharing here.LOL That gal does have some neat shell decorations. Thanks for sharing Karen's link with us again.

Jeanne, that's such a neat cloche and your Santa looks great in there. I can see branches and pinecones coming soon with that one.haha


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A fun blog, luvs! Thanks! Please keep sharing...I love your decor...esp your tole-painted pcs & your Cricut stuff! My blocks will be coming out in a month or so! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, it looks very beachy! I haven't done any beach decor for my home, and I live a block a away! I did a party on the 30th, and one Sat night with beach themes. It has kept me very busy! Too busy!

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